Grind (2003)

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Eric,Dustin,Matt,and Sweet Lou competes in the skate competition. After the competition Eric and the wannabe thug skaters has a little skate competetion of their own. But Eric beats him pulling a 900 [a trick that Tony Hawk used to win the X games and Jimmy Wilson didn't see Eric and crew to sponsor them. After the summer was over Eric,Dustin,and Matt hangs out at their favorite skate park and talks about Sweet Lou and matt's sister.Then a tour bus pulls up and it's Jamie and Jimmy. After talking they're onboard of being sponsored of the Jimmy Wilson tour. A year later a boy and his friend is hassling the skate shop owner on getting a new board and here appears Eric. Eric asks for 2 new boards signs a board for the kid and leaves.


Continuity mistake: When the four main characters clean out all the debris in the motel's dry pool, the sunlight angle doesn't change at all, even though it had to be several hours' worth of work.

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Dustin: Lil Bow Wow, you keep barkin', you and I are gonna take a one way walk into the woods.

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