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Correction: She is driving a BMW 850i, since the car has no frame over the window, it automatically drops when you open it, then when you close the door, the window goes back up to make a tight seal. It's the car doing it, not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When Madeline reunites with Helen at her book party it has been 14 years since they last saw each other according to the movie's "7 Years Later" and "Another 7 Years Later" titles. But instead Madeline says, "I can't believe it, Helen darling, 12 years, 12 long years." (00:23:35)

Correction: At the wedding, before the initial 7 years passes, Helen is still slim but Madeline when talking about the book launch is reveling in seeing her fat friend - so it makes sense that Helen got fat within two years of the wedding and met with Madeline at that point. There is no other, obvious, conclusion to M knowing H was fat.

Corrected entry: When the two gals give Bruce Willis the drink with the knock-out drug, the amount of alcohol in the glass changes between shots several times.

Correction: While Bruce Willis is holding the drink and talking to the women he throws his arm holding the drink around and occasionally you can see the drink spilling out.

Corrected entry: Towards the very end of the movie, Bruce Willis is hanging from the gutter while Meryl and Goldie are trying to convince him to drink the potion. Bruce decides not to drink the potion and drops it. A few seconds later, Bruce falls and crashes through an in-tact glass window. The potion bottle that he dropped would have broken the glass from that height.

Correction: The sound effects for the breaking bottle imply that the bottle did not hit the window, but the roof or a ledge, or something solid. The sound does not match a bottle falling through and breaking a window, as the entry suggests. It's very likely, from that height, that the bottle did, in fact, miss the window and hit the roof.


Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis falls from the castle roof he crashes through a glass ceiling face down. He lands in a swimming pool face up.

Correction: When he falls through the roof you can see him turn. This is why he is face up.

Corrected entry: When Ernest was putting eye make-up (paint) on Madeline's eye, she moves her head which screws it up. Ernest goes downstairs to get paint remover and talks to Helen. Madeline goes downstairs and her eye make-up is perfect. No smudge at all or anything. (01:02:55 - 01:04:45)

Correction: Bruce Willis is not putting make-up on Meryl's eyelid, he is actually painting the color back ONTO her dead irises. Which is why her eyes appear strange in the next scene- he hasn't finished, and as he says "The highlights aren't balanced.. do you want people to stare?", and why Goldie's eyes seem dead and washed out after she has been shot.

Corrected entry: When Ernest drops the vial when he's suspended on the broken pipe, it makes a sound of glass hitting on stone. Yet Ernest lands in the same place where the vial fell and lands on the decorative glass roof above the pool; there is no stone.

Correction: As mentioned in another correction, the vial didn't necessarily hit the exact same spot as Ernest. It could have hit the roof, a ledge, or something else solid.


Corrected entry: When Madeline dies, her eyes stay brown the entire time before being changed later by Ernest. When Helen dies, her eyes become white which is more in line with true life.

Correction: Her eyes turn white because they were boiled in the hot tub.

Continuity mistake: When Hellen kisses Madeleine at the party, the lip-mark is further to the right than it should have been, taken from the position of Hellen's head during the kiss.

Jacob La Cour

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Helen: You have no talent for poverty.

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Trivia: When Madeleine is in the morgue, we get a shot of a table and on that table is a jar with a brain and formaldehyde in it, and on the jar is a sign and the sign says "abnormal." This is a homage to the film "Young Frankenstein": Dr Frankenstein sent Igor to the morgue to get a specific brain, an intelligent man's brain, but Igor was startled and dropped the intelligent brain, so looked around for another one and he did: He found a brain with the label "abnormal" on it, and that is why the monster was so hard to teach and control.


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Question: In the scene where Goldie Hawn nearly gets her head run over by the car, how do they get that effect? It just looks far too dangerous to be an actual stunt, but it looks too real to be a bluescreen / split screen effect either.

Gary O'Reilly

Chosen answer: It is a composite shot, with the actor's head added to the scene. They just did a particularly good job on the scene.

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