Other mistake: In the scene where LL catches up to the suspect running from him, it is obvious that LL never really puts the handcuffs on the suspect. You can hear the noise but he is not being cuffed.

Other mistake: After taking their "road trip" way out in the desert and dropping Montel off at the penitentiary at the end of the movie, they are just getting back on the road and Hondo says that they will respond to the "211 in progress" at the diamond mart back in L.A. The camera shot then makes a point to show that they are out in Joshua trees miles from anywhere.

Continuity mistake: When the bad guy gets on the bus to retrieve Montel, he takes the keys from the dead guard, in the next shot he takes the keys again. (01:04:40)


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Gamble: Fuck you and S.W.A.T.

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Trivia: When you see the Frenchie driving around in L.A, the music playing is Linkin Park. You see The French person look up and see a massive screen with faces being flashed by. It's the video for Cure For The Itch (the remixed version), also by Linkin Park

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Question: What song plays while Montel is driving away after killing his "uncle"?

Answer: Figure.09 by Linkin Park

T Poston

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