Jim Street and his partner, Gamble, are demoted from their S.W.A.T team. Gamble leaves the whole business, but Street decides to stay. Fuller, their captain, and his divison begins to receive very bad publicity. Hondo, a respected S.W.A.T sergeant, is called back to assemble a new team. He trains them and they are approved by Fuller. Meanwhile, a drug kingpin, Alex Montel, is captured by the police and is handed over to Hondo's team to be escorted into a prison in the desert. However, Mondel has offered 100 mil to whoever gets him out. A secret scheme is formulated and Hondo's team must try to outwit whoever's trying to free Montel.

Continuity mistake: When the bad guy gets on the bus to retrieve Montel, he takes the keys from the dead guard, in the next shot he takes the keys again. (01:04:40)


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Hondo: You still want to work S.W.A.T?
Chris: No. I just enjoy applying all the time.

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Trivia: When the French guy is being arrested after his first escape attempt, he is pressed face down onto one of the famous Hollywood Stars, specifically, Alex Trebeck's star. Alex Trebeck provides part of the voice over of this scene (playing a news reporter covering the story).


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Question: What song plays while Montel is driving away after killing his "uncle"?

Answer: Figure.09 by Linkin Park

T Poston

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