Corrected entry: When the Lear jet is starting to take off from the bridge, the pilot selects the landing gear down. He would have put them down before landing.

Correction: Yes, that's correct. But, a landing gear lever has 3 positions; UP, OFF (in the middle) and DOWN. Standard procedure when shutting down an airplane is to put the gear lever to OFF, so when they turned the plane around and started it up again they had to go through the "Before takeoff checklist" before taking off which says "Landing gear lever down". (Even when a pilot is in a hurry they will stick to the checklist/procedures or do it automaticaly due to the routine they do every day.).


Corrected entry: When Gamble and Street are in the bank, Gamble takes the lead. Before he shoots the terrorist, You can see that he is left handed, but in the firing shot he is triggering the gun with right hand, and after that he is shown left handed in the next shot.

Correction: Some people are ambidextrous. I'm not, but can still shoot a gun, or shoot a pool cue with either hand.


Corrected entry: When Deke is displaying his "sixpack" at the table, a hand is seen putting money into his belt. In the next shot, his belt is bare again and we see Jim Street "breaking out some money" and inserting it into Deke's belt.

Correction: The belt wasn't bare from the second angle. The money was still there, just blocked by Jim's hand. The first hand that put the money there was Chris'.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the helicopter is shot down, the person who shoots at it aims at the helicopter but he would have to aim above it because the bullet would fall down from that distance.

Correction: Sights can be adjusted to account for bullet drop. We do not know what range the sights were set for.


Corrected entry: When the Learjet is taking off from the bridge the limo can easily keep up with the jet. A jet accelerates within seconds to 200 km/h and I doubt a limo can drive that fast. If it could it'd be at the same level with the jet only for seconds because the jet takes off. In the scene they stay level for several seconds.

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Jets, other than fighters, accelerate slower than you might imagine from a standing start. There have been many "drag races" between cars and bike and fighter jets, and until the jet leaves the ground, the fast cars and bikes can easily beat them. Passenger jets, even smaller ones at full thrust from a standing start, will not pick up sufficient speed for takeoff for some distance, so it is quite possible a large V8 could keep up. They really only gather a lot of speed when they leave the ground.

Corrected entry: After Hondo and Street lose Gamble in the subway, Hondo radios: "Deac, Sanchez, meet that train at the next station," and Deac responds: "73 David, we copy," instead of 70 David.

Correction: When Sanchez orders an RA unit for Boxer, she uses 73 David as her call sign (or as her and Deake's call sign, as he is with her). When Deake says "73 David, we copy" he simply wants to say that he and Sanchez acknowledged Hondo's order.

Corrected entry: When the team is trapped in the sewer behind a metal gate, they decide to use the claymore to blow the door out. When it's armed and ready, Street shoots. The M18 claymore is an anti-personnel device containing 700 ball-bearings, and these balls are lethal up to 100 metres out. You don't want to be within shooting distance. This aside, a claymore is made with plastic explosives, which means that it is very stable and can't be detonated without an electrical force. Shooting a claymore does nothing. (01:31:35)

Correction: I've worked myself with claymores in the army. Claymores (also the M18A1) are effective within 100m range, that's correct, however they only fan out 60° to the "Front toward enemy" side. And then claymores are actually supposed to be detonated by hand, however with only few changes you can change a claymore into a trap, for example a tripwire (even if it is forbidden by the Ottawa Treaty / Mine Ban Treaty). Having explained that there is absolutely no mistake in this scene, as Street places the mine in a ~100° angle to the left-front, and he shoots from cover on the right. Also with the configuration into the uncontrolled way, he can detonate it by shooting at the cable clip.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: When Alex Montel is driving through the streets, there is a clear picture of a SWAT promo poster hanging from one of the buildings.

Correction: This is not actually a S.W.A.T promotion poster. It is actually a poster for Die Another Day. The poster shows Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry on a blue background with the 007 logo on the side of it.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the last fight scene between Street and Gamble, Gamble begins the fight by slamming a railroad stake through Street's hand. Yet, Street is able to use that hand to freely swing at Gamble throughout the whole fight. I would think that he would be in too much pain to fight, or at least not even use that hand, if he had a railroad stake driven through his hand.

Correction: It depends where the stake hit him (as far as functionality of that hand goes). In a situation like that, however, he most likely experienced an adrenaline rush which caused him to forget about his wound.

Corrected entry: If anyone has ever flown in one of those jets, you know that they accelerate like a sports car. There is no way the limo would be able to catch up unless the plane's door was open, but the door was only opened after the limo caught up.

Sol Parker

Correction: If you listen someone says "get this plane up" or words to that effect, then the pilot says "get that door closed" meaning the door was probably open.

Corrected entry: When Gamble and Street are getting moved down in their division, the chief calls Street back in to talk to him. Throughout their conversation the chrome garbage can next to the chief shows the reflection of the cameraman. You may think it is just Street, but if you look closely you can tell that the color of his shirt is black, not blue, and he is wearing short sleeves.

Jackie Menechino

Correction: Firstly, it's not a garbage can, it's a desk lamp. Secondly, it's impossible to make out a reflection of any person, let alone distinguish colour of clothing. Besides, like everyone else in the team, Street wears a black shirt, not blue.

Phil Watts

Corrected entry: When Street first introduces his modified ramming device, he says it would be affixed to a truck bumper and rammed into the wall. When they use it, somehow, an explosive charge has been loaded into the back to force the grappler through the wall. Now, considering it is a hollow tube, supported by (admittedly, four strong) humans, wouldn't the result be that the hook hits the wall and bounces back, perhaps leaving a dent? Do those four people really have the stopping power necessary to hold the tube firmly enough so that the hook is fired through the wall? How cheaply are homes built in So. Cal.?


Correction: Firstly, Street was talking about the ram rod connected to the truck via a towing cable. Secondly, the explosion is not that strong. Thirdly, the house is mainly wood based, we are able to see this when the wall is pulled down.


Corrected entry: When the crime lord escapes from the bus, he is thrown to the ground and handcuffed in the middle of the street. The camera angle changes and he is now being handcuffed on the sidewalk.

Correction: Yes he gets taken down in the street. They move him onto the sidewalk to clear the street for traffic and better protect him while they await a transport detail. There is some time elapsed between these shots.


Corrected entry: At the end of the birthday party scene when Sanchez and Street are leaving, Sanchez walks towards the bottom of the scene and straight into one of the little girls' Hula hoops.

mandy gasson

Correction: Yes she walks into the hula hoop, but I fail to see how that is a movie mistake. She was in a hurry to respond to a S.W.A.T call so she took the shortest route to the gate/car.


Corrected entry: I don't know much about the real SWAT but isn't very sexist to turn down a police officer for SWAT just because she's a woman?

Correction: It is indeed sexist and prejudice, but there would be no way for Sanchez to make a case because she has no proof.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hondo and Street are in the gym, there is a guy off to the right and behind them using a pull-down machine. He looks like he's working up a good sweat, but unfortunately there are no weights attached to the machine.

Correction: If you are trying to get definition the idea is a lot of reps with little weight. Low reps with a lot of weight builds mass, but then you have to "rip" it.


Corrected entry: When they use Street's ramming device to pull out the wall of the house, the camera angle inside the house shows a couch which is about 5 feet away from the wall. After they pull the wall down, you can see the couch is now firmly attached to the wall as the wall is standing up in the front yard. You also see a number of items laying around the wall that were not seen from the inside view.


Correction: The couch is not that far from the wall and the barbs from the hook actually pull the couch through the wall.


Corrected entry: Being an international mob boss, Montel should have quite a few henchmen. How come none of them come to his rescue?

Correction: He might have a few Henchman, yet they might not have been in the country, or they might have had a plan, or been working on one when he was recaptured.

Corrected entry: I just think this is too funny. Is it just me or is it really funny that the most hardened criminals and gangs in L.A. are watching the local news?

T Poston

Correction: Why would they not watch the news? You would think it would be important for criminals to know what was going on locally.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When the crime lord is escaping in the subway, Street's old partner can be seen sticking his middle finger up at Street as the train is pulling away and then standing straight up. The camera angle changes and you see his old partner leaning over again with his middle finger up.


Correction: Gamble's standing up when the train pulls away, because he is still in Street's line of view. As the train is moving away, Gamble leans over so that he can still see Street's expression, since Street can't make the shot.

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