Plot hole: Alex Montel is arrested and then held because his identity cannot be confirmed. This is not a valid reason to hold him, unless he is a terror risk which is never mentioned and the FBI are not involved. His expensive lawyer should have got him out on a bond with no issue at all.

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Suggested correction: I absolutely HATE defending the way TV depicts legal processes, BUT in this case I have to agree he could be held pending verification of identity. The reason is that he was arrested, not merely questioned, and the bond judge would insist on knowing his identity before setting bond. The only other way he might get out is if the arrest was bogus and the lawyer could convince a states' attorney or an arraignment judge of that. (Sorry, I didn't review this episode, and I don't remember the arrest!).

He is stopped for a traffic violation and then arrested for that. They don't even know he murdered his uncle, and yet he is held in custody. Even if the judge insists, there would be a bond payable and Montel would pay it and escape.

Continuity mistake: When the bad guy gets on the bus to retrieve Montel, he takes the keys from the dead guard, in the next shot he takes the keys again. (01:04:40)


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Street: Bad day, huh?
Beat-up Latino Thug: Kiss my ass, ese.

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Trivia: When the French guy is being arrested after his first escape attempt, he is pressed face down onto one of the famous Hollywood Stars, specifically, Alex Trebeck's star. Alex Trebeck provides part of the voice over of this scene (playing a news reporter covering the story).


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Question: Why does everyone think Street turned in Gamble? Wouldn't he be back actually working SWAT instead of being stuck in the gun cage?

Answer: The SWAT Captain originally kicked Street and Gamble off the team and out of the SWAT Division completely for disobeying orders resulting in a hostage being shot. The SWAT Lieutenant convinced the Captain to keep the two officers in the division on a probationary basis to work back towards getting back on the team. Gamble was insulted by the probationary assignment and later resigned. The Captain offered Street the chance for immediate reinstatement to the team if he placed all blame on Gamble. When Street chose the probationary assignment over blaming Gamble or resigning alongside Gamble, everyone assumed Street cut some type of deal to remain in the SWAT Division without knowing the whole story.

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