Factual error: In the scene where the Learjet takes off the jet starts to roll. Then there is the shooting with the SWAT team, towards the end of the shooting the pilot pushes the power levers forward to accelerate. Regarding the short take off run they had on the bridge, the pilot would have stayed on the brakes until the engines were at full thrust, then released the brakes, started rolling and wouldn't touch the power levers until after liftoff or in emergency.

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Ronnie Bischof

Factual error: In the bus escape scene, when the fake police man enters the bus and shoots the busdriver in the head, the bullet makes a hole in the window but there is no blood. If a bullet exits the head so close to the glass you would see something on the glass.

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Factual error: When Alex Montel gets into the police car and backs away really quick you see TJ get in the car and try to block him. When Alex slams into the car, there is a shot from above, where he hits TJ then TJ's car slams into another car. Then they cut to another shot and you see Alex hitting TJ and there is no 3rd car being hit.

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