Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Plot hole: The Toymaker throws that toy bird at the hippie version of himself. The toy goes through him because he is a hologram. Later, he pushes the soldier version of himself at the screen making it crack. How could he if the three others are holograms?

Plot hole: Rez tells Juni that he only ended up finding himself, Arnold and Francis in the game because Francis cheated in the Megarace. However when they reach the Megarace, the Toymaker announces 'there are no rules in this race except win.'

Liam D

Plot hole: Doesn't it seem a little strange that Arnold, Francis and Rez are still in the game with Juni even though they started before him? We find out they were sent back to the beginning due to Francis cheating in the Megarace. Juni wasn't required to start again and he gets to Level 5 with only 5 minutes left . So shouldn't their time have long since run out?

Liam D

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