Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Carmen hands a guy some 3D glasses with a crack in one of the lenses and says something like "Sorry it's the last one," but less than a minute later hands a different guy a pair of 3D glasses.


Other mistake: When Juni and Carmen are fighting the robots and Dad flies down, Carmen has an armful of glasses. How did she know she would need that many glasses. She didn't...at least she didn't leave the building with them..

Other mistake: Near the end when Juni and the gang are fighting those robots. It is clear daylight, but isn't it weird that there are NO people in the streets? A place like that should be crowded with people, or at least a few.

Other mistake: At the end when, Carmen calls Gary for help, she is inside the robot's mouth, about to be swallowed. When Gary gets there, she looks like she just got picked up.

Other mistake: If "Little Dink" isn't wearing 3-D glasses, how does he know what's going on when he tosses the branding iron to his dad?

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