Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Corrected entry: Through out the Megarace the purple vehicle changes from a tall one wheeled bikey thing to a large four wheeled vehicle.

Correction: The vehicle is shown changing - that is part of its capabilities.

Corrected entry: When Juni is in the big race and it towards the end of the race the girl in the purple comes back in a huge car. Well when they show the close of her and the car you can see her lips move and you hear nothing come out.


Correction: This appears to be more a directorial decision rather than a mistake, it is common for speech that is not required in a fast paced action scene (also from a character that is yet to be revealed as one encountered earlier) to be left out for dramatic and suspenseful purposes, take The Matrix Reloaded freeway scene as an example with no sound coming from the other drivers even when the camera is positioned within their car.

Corrected entry: When everyone is fighting the robots at the end of the movie and Carmen hands glasses to Romero, she says they're the last ones. A few minutes later, when Gary and Gerti show up, she gives them glasses too.

Correction: This mistake has already been notedd. PLease look through ALL the others before you post one.

Corrected entry: Dimitra had three life points when she lost on the moon. when she first crushes on the mega race (On her Blue Bike, getting hit buy Juni's Yellow Puy) you can hear three sounds of losing life points, that means she lost all her life points. However, when she receives the health pack from Juni, she still has three life points.

Correction: Dimitra also returned later, despite getting a "Game Over" during the fight with Arnold. Perhaps the Toymaker retuned 3 lives to her, since he wasn't done with her yet.

Corrected entry: During the final battle against the giant robots, Floop tells the robot children to attack one of the giant robots. Yet they are not wearing virtual glasses, so how can they even see what they're attacking?

Correction: Their eyes glow just as they are getting ready to fight, since they are robots they probably have the ability to turn their eyes into 3-D like viewers.

Corrected entry: How come Carmen's Power Suit doesn't have a visible life counter? Everyone else has either a circle-shaped one or a triangle-shaped one. She couldn't have hacked into the game because Donnagon and Franchesca let her into the game just like Juni.

Correction: No, she didn't hack into the game, but once she got in, she just cheated her way to infinite lives. While not directly stated, it's pretty much told to us when Franchesca says,"She's an ingenious hacker, your sister" referring to Carmen.

Corrected entry: During the race scene Juni is helped by his grandpa when falling off his vehicle, but wouldn't his grandpa also have to fight to go back to Earth?

Correction: Technically no, because Grandpa can be considered as a sidekick or "guide" summoned by Juni to assist him inside the game when he was at level 2.So:1. He will leave the game as soon as Juni leaves (Since he is Juni's guide and guides are bound to the player.)2. He can get zapped out of the game during any part of the game.

Corrected entry: After Juni finds out that Demetra isn't real, when the Toymaker says, "Congratulations, you made it to the end of the game. You Won." You can see Courtney Jimes (Demetra) mouth the word "Congratulations".

Correction: Demetra is a virtual being created by the Toymaker. She isn't mouthing the word; she's saying it because the Toymaker makes her say it, with his voice. If you watch you can see her look of surprise as she says it.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the grandfather and the toy maker inside the robot, the grandfather tell the toy maker about the accident that cost him use of his legs, how he can't walk on the beach with his wife, and he says that he missed the birth of his daughter. How can she be only 30 years old? She would have had Carmen at 15 (Carmen is 14 to 15).

Correction: He didn't say he missed the birth of his daughter, he said he missed his daughter's wedding. Having a child at a young age is not a mistake; humans are physically capable of reproducing as young as 10-13.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Juni is falling to the sewer, he wakes up, and sees that he has only three hours left. Something tells him that if you play, the time will go fast. Look at the rest of the movie: Juni plays much longer, and the time didn't pass.

Correction: It does go fast, but it never says how fast. The robot says he has 3 hours left, and he stays for less than 3 hours, making it faster. Perhaps the rate of time changes, but still goes faster?

Corrected entry: After the mega race, Res says the programmers caught Francis or Arnold cheating during the mega race. The Toymaker states that the mega race has no rules except win at any cost (this includes cheat codes) so it is impossible to cheat during the mega race.

Correction: In Level One the guys tell Juni that all cheats are illegal and not allowed to be used so I think that would count even in the mega race.

Corrected entry: During the fight scene between Juni and Demetra if they were in virtual reality how did it seem to hurt Demetra when Juni hit her or when she ran into the wall?

Correction: Demetra is part of the game, so it is not virtual to her, it is her reality. That is why she got hurt.

Corrected entry: This mistake is simple: Carmen doesn't have a lifecount...EVER.

Correction: The answer is also simple: She is a HACKER.

Corrected entry: At the end of the race Juni is still sitting on the hubcap until he comes to a stop, then he stands and the camera zooms up to his face and then in the next shot he kick-flips the hubcap which is now next to him (not under him) to his hand. (00:35:00)

Correction: It did bounce onto his hand, if you watch it in slow motion.

Corrected entry: During the mega race, Rez tells Juni to press the red button. When Juni's car flies apart, Rez runs into it, sending him through the air. When he is flying through the air, he looses life. We know this because his life count beeps every time he looses one. Assuming that he started out with 9 lives like everyone else, he would have touched ground with 5 or less lies. But when Carmen says that you can't touch the lava or it's game over, Rez protests. To quote: "But I have 6 lives left." How can this be possible if after the mega race, he only had 5 lives (or less) and the only life pack he saw up close "belonged" to Juni.

Correction: Actually he DOES NOT touch ground but the seat of another car.

Corrected entry: When Carmen and Juni are at the door to the unwinnable level, there are rocks blocking the entry. When "The Guy" (played by Elijah Wood) asked the kids to "Step aside," the rocks are gone.

Correction: When he first enters there is a lot of light and their hair is blowing wildly, so the strong wind that was caused by his appearance might have forced the computer generated rocks away.

Corrected entry: In the scenes with the Capitol building in the background, look carefully. Although it is implied that this is Washington D.C., you can see the Texas flag flying. This occurs at least two times in the movie.

Correction: It's actually set in the Texas State Capitol in Austin (used in all the Spy Kids movies), which is also the hometown of director Robert Rodriguez.

Corrected entry: In the beginning scene, after the 3-D intro, the toy that Juni picks up is from the film "Small Soldiers".

Correction: It is actually a toy version of the robot the toymaker is imprisoned in.

Corrected entry: When everyone is fighting the monster with 3D glasses, you can see 2 people in the background, walking as if no monster is there.

Correction: To them, there is no monster there. The monster can only be seen with the special glasses.

Corrected entry: When Juni, Carman and the group are at the door of level five, Carman or Juni says that they only have five minutes left, when the game goes online at midnight, Which would make it 11:55pm. But when they see the robots outside, about ten minutes later, it looks like it's about 3:00pm. I'm sure it didn't take 13 hours to leave the game and walk outside.

Correction: You don't know what time zone they are referring to.

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