Dead Ringers
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Elliot Mantle: Bev, you haven't done anything until I've done it too. You haven't fucked Claire Niveau until you've told me about it.
Beverly Mantle: Then I haven't fucked Claire Niveau.

Claire Niveau: I've been around a bit. I've seen some creepy things in the movie business. This is the most disgusting thing that's ever happened to me.
Elliot Mantle: I doubt that.

Elliot Mantle: And tomorrow, we'll take some Percodan... just because it's Saturday.

Elliot Mantle: I've often thought that there should be beauty contests for the insides of bodies.

Claire Niveau: You've got a woman's name. Beverly. Why did your mother give you a woman's name?
Beverly Mantle: It's not a woman's name. It's just spelled different.
Claire Niveau: Does your brother have a woman's name too. Meriam spelled with an E and an A?
Beverly Mantle: What are you trying to suggest? That I'm gay or something? That my mother wanted girls? What the fuck is this bullshit psychoanalysis?

Trivia: Jeremy Irons kept track of his characters by playing one with his weight on the balls of his feet, and the other with his weight on his heels.

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