Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Corrected entry: Jack Sparrow finds out about the curse of the Black Pearl when he's imprisoned, and two crew of the Pearl encounter him. He didn't know what the curse was, or whether it existed until this point. Shortly afterwards, Will Turner reveals his identity to him, in which Jack Sparrow then schemes to use Will to barter him for the Pearl in exchange for providing the crew a way to remove the curse... How is it possible for Jack Sparrow to know that the crew needed Will Turner without knowing about the curse in the first place?


Correction: He knew about the curse, but Jack had never seen its effects before, that's what surprises him. After all, he was the one who knew where the island was and told Barbossa.


Correction: If you watch he says "so there is a curse" meaning he knew what it was. He also knew bootstrap had a son since he was part of Jack's crew. Since word gets round places like Tortuga he would have hear Bootstrap had been sent to Davey Jones Locker not long after the mutiny which takes place on the way to the island (as explained).

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Corrected entry: When Will and Jack try to escape the execution, the guards surround them and hold them at gunpoint. However, they stand around them in a circle, so if they shot them, they would've all shot each other. Even if they had extremely good aim, they're standing very close to them, so the bullets would've passed through them.


Correction: At that range and with the pair completely surrounded, they wouldn't have needed to shoot them. They could easily be recaptured or stabbed with bayonets. Notice that the soldiers are holding their guns in a stabbing stance, not a shooting stance.

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Corrected entry: During the attack on Port Royal, Will throws an axe at Jacoby, presumably killing him; he is therefore surprised to see Jacoby alive a short time later. However, Will threw the axe into Jacoby's back, meaning neither ever saw the other's face - there is no reason why either Will or Jacoby would recognize each other when they meet later in the battle.


Correction: Will opened his door just before Jacoby ran by, so he would have seen his face. He also could have recognized his clothing and gear. Jacoby wouldn't necessarily have recognized Will, but he could have looked up after the camera turned.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Right after the final duel between Barbossa and Sparrow, Barbossa states he feels cold and then drops dead. We then see a shot of Barbossa's apple dropping from his hand. This could be reminiscent of another Disney movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), in which she is poisoned by the witch and also drops the apple in the same way.

Correction: More likely a reference to Barbosa being obsessed with eating apples. This is shown earlier when he gives Elizabeth an apple and later when he says he will eat a whole barrel of apples.

Corrected entry: On the Isla de Muerte, when Norrington shoots one of the cursed pirates in the head, in the background, a soldier is sword fighting nobody, where a cursed pirate was supposed to have been digtitally edited in.


Correction: It's far in the background and difficult to see. His enemy was slightly obscured by all of the other things in front, like the pirate fighting in the foreground. He is fighting someone if you look close enough.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film Elizabeth takes the Aztec gold coin from Will while he is unconscious. However, when we discover that anyone who took a gold coin or had possession of the coin, would be cursed. If this is the case, then why weren't Elizabeth, or even Will, cursed?


Correction: Only someone who takes possession of a coin straight out of the chest is cursed. Anyone to whom the coin is paid or received in some other manner is not cursed.

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Corrected entry: Jack hides the fact that he had kept one of the coins from the chest so the pirates would not know he was cursed. However, it should have been immediately obvious because, though he had returned the taken coins, he neglected the blood to be repaid.

Correction: The few medallions that Jack playfully took out of the chest he had no intent on taking possession of them, so blood did not have to be repaid when those were dropped back into the chest. However, just before Jack tosses the last medallion (that he did take possession of) to Will, he deliberately cuts his hand on his sword (it's a quick movement, but you can see it if you watch), so he *did* repay the blood.

Corrected entry: Completely unavoidable but still a mistake. When the pirates are in skeletal mode, much of their speech would be incoherent as they don't have lips. Most noticeable when Ragetti says 'Bloody pirates!' - you need lips to make 'b's and 'p's.

Correction: You need muscles, ligaments, and tendons to move, but that's not a movie mistake either. This is a curse. It uses magic. If people can be made immortal, and retain motor functions even though every last bit of flesh has been removed from them, they can speak clearly too.

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Corrected entry: There is in fact a real ship in the US Navy called The Black Pearl.

Correction: Not according to the US Naval registry there isn't. There's USS Black, Black Hawk, Black Fox and Black Fin and Pearl Harbor but no Black Pearl.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth has burned all the barrels of rum, she tells Jack, "That signal is over 1000 feet high", but the problem is it's the 1700's, she's British and the British don't use English measurements, they use metric.



Correction: (1) The metric system was introduced in France in 1791, a mere half-century after the setting of the films. (2) Even today, the UK uses Imperial measurements just as much as metric. (3) If you think about your submissions in advance, you might be able to avoid statements as ludicrous as "the British don't use English measurements".

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Corrected entry: When Jack and Will first go onto the Interceptor they are dry even though they just came out of the water.

Correction: Well actually, they didn't "just" come out of the water. It takes a good bit of time to carefully climb up the huge backside of Dauntless, wrap the rope around the rudder chain (to disable it), then continue up to the deck. Their clothing dries up in that long span of time.

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Corrected entry: When Jack observes the spinning wheel, the gear at the top runs along a separate thread and not between the planks of wood, which he then threads the chain through for the gear to crush.

Correction: Once the donkey is 'motivated' to move the two large gears rotate horizontally. There is also a very small gear, whose teeth spin anti-clockwise, vertically, which is located near the unconscious Mr. Brown. This small gear is seen in a few shots. Jack places his shackle links on the large gear's wood teeth, which engages with the small gear's teeth to break the links, in the close-up. There is no error here.

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Corrected entry: When Jack and Will are escaping at the end, Will loses his sword while fighting the executioner and doesn't have one for the remainder of the sequence. But, when the redcoats surround them, he suddenly has a sword in his hand again.

Correction: Just a moment before Will and Jack are surrounded, when the two back into each other, one Marine points his sword beside Will. He promptly grabs the sword, smacks the Marine in the face and knocks him out, thereby gaining a sword.

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Corrected entry: When Will and Jack go to wake up Mr. Gibbs on Tortuga, Jack has the bucket and throws the first lot of water. He then moves forward to speak to Mr. Gibbs without putting down or passing the bucket. In the next shot, Will has the bucket and throws the water "for the smell".

Correction: Both Jack and Will fetched pails of water (couldn't resist). Will holds a second pail the entire time and just as he tosses the water Jack's pail is still visible in his left hand.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, on board the ship which discovers young Will Turner, Governor Swann is wearing a suit/costume that more than resembles that of Captain Hook's from the Disney made Peter Pan movie. Even his hair is almost the same.

Correction: The costumes are from the same era, so some resemblances are unavoidable, but not the makings of film trivia.

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Corrected entry: Will uses his sword to stick Jack's chains to a beam. Jack then kicks him down but, when he gets back up, he suddenly has a sword in his hand without having had time to fetch another one.

Correction: It's Will's sword. When Jack kicks him, the sword flies out of Will's hand and Jack catches it.

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Corrected entry: There are many times when the moonlight is shining on the chest. But Barbossa never becomes a skeleton.

Correction: The cave has various holes leading to the outside, some relatively small, leading to a rather narrow shaft of light. As only direct moonlight causes the shift to their skeletal form, it would be entirely possible for a cursed individual to stand very close to one of these shafts and remain human in appearance.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is dining with Barbossa she is first formally eating and cutting her food. When Barbossa says that she must be hungry, Elizabeth puts down the knife. When she picks it up again before stabbing Barbossa, the knife is clean with no sign of use even though she didn't wipe it.

Correction: This isn't necessarily impossible. I've done it myself just this past month at Thanksgiving, and seen it done. Also, it could simply be the angle of the knife to the light- we simply dont see any stains on it, if there are any.

Corrected entry: When Jack and Elizabeth are being marooned, Jack dives off the plank wearing his boots. When he wades ashore, he is barefoot and is carrying only his sword and pistol, not his boots. He remains barefoot throughout the stay on the island. But after he and Elizabeth are rescued, his boots mysteriously reappear.

Correction: Jack's boots are in fact visible as he walks out of the water behind Elizabeth, in the shot just before he says, "That's the second time I've had to watch that man sail away on my ship," look closely at the bottom of the screen. When Elizabeth chases after him saying, "But you were marooned on this island before." time has passed and he is not wearing his wet vest either. His boots are also seen that evening, hanging upside down (drying), as they sing and dance around the fire.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth climbs onto the Black Pearl and sees Captain Barbossa for the first time, the monkey flies onto his shoulder. The wire connected to the back of the monkey's jacket is visible.


Correction: At no point in this shot is any kind of wire seen at monkey Jack's back. At the start of the shot, the monkey is behind the Pearl's wheel, as he holds the line, and then swings to Barbossa. As he approaches Barbossa he reaches out with his left hand, grabs hold of Barbossa's shoulder and when he lands there he lets go of the line, which begins to swing back.

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Corrected entry: The scene where Elizabeth and Will put the bomb in the skeleton and shove him out of the moonlight so he explodes is impossible. If he were truly solid, there would be no oxygen in his stomach for the fuse to burn off of, therefore he would just have a bomb sitting around in his stomach.

Correction: Considering these pirates were cursed and would go from skeleton to body form by sunlight, are you sure they follow all rules of physics and life?

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Corrected entry: When the Black Pearl is pursuing the Interceptor in the overview shot of the two ships, you can see the big flag on the back of the Interceptor and the one on top of the mast. They are flying straight backwards as if with the airstream, however for a sailing boat to move forwards the wind has to come from the back or the sides, therefore making it impossible for the flag to fly straight backwards since the ship cannot move faster than the wind pushing it forwards.

Correction: Nonsense. Sailing ships are perfectly capable of sailing into the wind. It's simply a matter of physics - arranging a low pressure area in front of the mainsail, easy enough to do regardless of the direction of the wind.

Corrected entry: The song that Elizabeth and Jack are singing on the island was aired in 1967. Slight anachronism.

Correction: That is the song in the ride on which the movie is based, so naturally they include it in the film. The movie is a fictional work, so why shouldn't they use a pirate song aired in modern times?

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack Sparrow is introduced (Number Two to select on the DVD) he has three plaits on his beard. However, as he steps off of the boat, he only has two. As his boat is currently sinking, I doubt that he would have time to change this. Throughout the rest of the movie he only has two.

Correction: This has been corrected many times. It is the shadow of one of the braids that makes it look like three. There are only two.

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Corrected entry: When the Pearl is chasing after the Intercepter to retrieve the gold medallion, the Interceptor drops its anchor into the water. As it catches and the ship suddenly dips forward the back of the ship is shown. The rear of the ship emerges from the water and you can see the propeller on the back of the ship spinning out of the water and splashing.

Matty W

Correction: When Interceptor's stern is visible, it is the rudder that creates the intense splashing - there is no propeller seen at her stern.

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Corrected entry: When Will says, "You ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I'd have killed you," none of the words match his mouth.

Matty W

Correction: Every syllable that is spoken by Will matches that line.

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Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Jack and Barbossa near the end of the movie (just after Jack has found out he was cursed). There is a moment when Jack slashes at Barbossa's back with his sword and for a fraction of a second in the top left corner of the screen in the background; you can see the outlines/silhouettes of two crew members leaning on some scaffolding watching the fight.

Correction: You are seeing the dim silhouettes of Elizabeth and Will, and they are holding the long gold pole in front of themselves - with which Elizabeth whacks the pirate, just moments later.

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Corrected entry: When the crew of the Black Pearl go to the cave the first time and are unloading valuables, Pintel says to Riggeti that once the curse is lifted they will buy him a new glass eye. Riggeti responds how the wooden eye splinters something awful. How can the wooden eye bother him if he has the curse of the Black Pearl and he can not feel any pain?

Correction: It's made blatantly obvious throughout the film that the pirates do feel pain; there are numerous occasions where they scream or otherwise react to something painful - its pleasurable things that the curse denies them.

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Corrected entry: As Elizabeth falls into the sea, Jack is talking to the two military guards, obviously just finishing a fascinating story, with "...and they made me their chief." This is one of the (discernible) lines spoken by the permanently drunk and incoherent Rowley Birkin QC, Johnny Depp's (Jack) favorite character from "The Fast Show" (1994).

He's My Brother

Correction: The line "and they made me their chief" is a line from a monologue by Patrick "Which Was Nice" Nice, not Rowley Birkin. Depp's favourite characters - with whom he appeared - on The Fast Show were the Suits You tailors, not Rowley Birkin. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/fastshow/characters/.

Corrected entry: In Jack's escape attempt from Port Royal, the first thing he does is grab a rope, release the suspended cannon above, and ride the rope upwards, when he reaches the top of the post, he is shown dangling at the end of the rope as the post that held the cannon swings around rather swiftly. Since the cannon was dropped straight down, and Jack was hoisted straight up, there is nothing to account for the enormous momentum that it takes to swing Jack about like that.

Correction: The rope is twisted around the post. They make a point of showing the rope being "yanked" over the bottom corner of the section of post that rotates. As the cannon sinks, it begins to spin the post like a whipping top.

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Corrected entry: The actual spelling of the "French" word Parley, is actually Parler.

Correction: In what conceivable way is a French Spelling Lesson considered 'trivia'?

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, when Elizabeth falls into the water, the medallion is floating loosely around her neck. However, when Jack grabs her, the medallion has completely gone.

Correction: When Jack begins to lift Elizabeth, the chain and gold medallion are not "gone" in the side shot, in fact look closely, the chain is visible as the medallion is tucked into her dress. The discrepancy between the medallion floating freely earlier then suddenly tucked in is already noted.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the first half of the movie, the number of braids in Jack's "beard" changes from 3 to 2.

Correction: He has two braids throughout the entire movie, but the braids sometimes cast a shadow making it look like there are more than two.

Nelleke Rietvink

Corrected entry: When Jack gets knocked out by Mr Brown, the bottle shatters. In the next shot, however, there is no glass around Jack.

Correction: When Jack falls, he falls face forward with his body rigid, and by the laws of the physics, the shattered glass would be lying around his feet. And the next shot, where he's lying on the floor, is of his upper body.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Elisabeth tells Will "It's OK". The abbreviation "OK" didn't exist at the time of the movie, it came up in the 19th century.

Correction: Is somebody trying to break the record for number of times the same 'mistake' is posted and corrected? Like Troy, Braveheart, Elizabeth and Shakespeare in Love (in fact, almost every film except for 'Passion of the Christ'), 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was shot in contemporary English. This is so modern audiences can understand it. This is a film convention, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack and Elizabeth are marooned on an island, she gets him to have yet another swing of rum. But he falls back while drinking. Although we can hear him fall back, a part of the bottle is still visible at the bottom of the screen. If he had indeed fallen back, the angle and position of the bottle would be different.

Correction: We hear his backside hit the ground as he sits heavily and drunkenly on the sand. His upper torso is still vertical, hence the angle of the bottle.

Corrected entry: When Jack is holding Elizabeth by his chains, he addresses the Commodore as Commodore Norrington. Thus far, in the presence of Jack, Commodore James Norrington has always been addressed as Commodore, never as Norrington or Commodore Norrington.

Correction: Norrington's a high-ranking officer charged with eliminating piracy in the area. Jack's hardly going to be unaware of who his main opposition in the area is - the reference to Norrington's rank would be enough to tell him who he's dealing with.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth falls off the fort, Jack, Murtogg and Mullroy who are on the Interceptor hear the splashing and turn around. Jack asks 'Will you be saving her, then?' There is no way Jack would have known it was a woman who fell off.

Correction: They could easily have seen her falling, and she was wearing an ankle length dress, something generally associated with the womenfolk of the time.

Corrected entry: Just after the Black Pearl attacks the Interceptor, Elizabeth realizes that she doesn't have the medallion, and Will goes below to get it. When Will goes below, there is water in the cabin to a level just above his ankles. He searches for the Medallion, then spots Barbossa's monkey, who has retrieved the medallion to take back to Barbossa. Even though the Medallion was on the floor and the floor was flooded, the monkey looks relatively dry. If that furry thing had fished the medallion out of the water, it should have been soaking wet.

Correction: None of the cursed crew including the monkey ever look wet.

Corrected entry: When the treasure chest full of the cursed gold, in the cave at Isla de Muerta, is shown, the figures carved onto the side of the chest are NOT actually Aztec.


Correction: What's to say that it's of Aztec origin? The Aztecs could have gotten it through bartering with other civilizations.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the young Elizabeth Swann is on the ship and young William Turner is found floating in the water, young Elizabeth says the word "okay," which was not in common usage until the 1830s at the very earliest.

Correction: This type of mistake has been submitted for many other films and while it may not be common that is not the same as being non-existant. There are many explanations how she knew the word, she overheard the word, read about it etc. A word or phrase does not have to be in frequent use to avoid being a mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner commandeer the Dauntless, and later the Interceptor, Commodore Norrington says to "search every cabin, every hull down to the bilges." As the Dauntless is obviously not a catamaran or a trimaran, it has one hull. So searching "every hull" is impossible.

Correction: Norrington says "every hold", not "every hull".

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Corrected entry: At the very start of the film when the young Elizabeth wakes up the young Will, she calms him by saying "It's ok." The earliest this phrase has been recorded is 1839. Which puts its use well after the film's period. In the film, a precedent has been set to use language appropriate to the period (instead of modern language), and this phrase falls outside of that precedent.


Correction: Previously submitted and previously corrected. A normal movie convention and not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Jack says "and you're completely obsessed with treasure," Will has a lantern in his right hand and his left hand is on the boat, and he's leaning to his left. But in the next shot when they're getting out of the boat, it's reversed. His right hand now is on the boat as he's getting out and his left hand has the lantern.


Correction: There is a time gap between the two shots. In the first shot both Jack and Will lean over the port side of the row boat, looking down at the water, having not yet reached shore. At the start of the next shot, as the boat reaches shore, Will is facing forward semi-crouched at the prow.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, the chains on Sparrow's handcuffs are long enough for him to be able to throw a loop of chain over the rope and grab it in his other hand, but later in the movie when Sparrow is trying to take off his handcuffs the chain is much shorter (not long enough to throw a loop over the rope as he did earlier).

Correction: This has been submitted and corrected already.

Corrected entry: Jack's execution uses a trapdoor-style gallows. This was not invented until the 1800s.

Correction: A form of trap mechanism was used in Britain from as early as 1760; read more here:http://www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk/hanging1.html.

Corrected entry: When Norrington arrives on the HMS Dauntless to fight the cursed pirates, some of the naval personnel are fighting no one because the CGI skeletons weren't put in yet.

Correction: This has been previously submitted and corrected. Please search the corrections pages for the explanation as to why it is wrong.

Corrected entry: When he hears Will coming, Jack leaves the piece of bone sticking in the cell lock. It disappears in the next shot.

Correction: This has been submitted and corrected already.

Corrected entry: Barbossa explains that because of the curse he can't feel a thing (not wind, woman, food) and sense they all have the same curse. How is it that, near the beginning of the film, Ragetti feels the coals when they fall on him?

Correction: This has already been submitted and corrected.Barbossa states, "Drink would not satisfy...food turned to ash...all the pleasure in the world couldn't slake our lust..." so it seems they cannot "feel" or enjoy pleasure. When the coals fall, Ragetti shouts that it's hot and burns, and later he also complains about his wooden eye hurting him, so it seems that he does feel a certain level of discomfort. When Elizabeth stabs Barbossa he does not display a reaction, however the tolerance of pain is subjective.

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Corrected entry: When Jack is talking with Murtogg and Mullroy, the two then begin to argue amongst themselves, while Jack is in the background sneaking aboard the ship. Mullroy is holding his weapon next to him with the sworded edge, yet when the camera cuts to behind it's nowhere to seen, obviously allowing for the camera. From the front view it's back by his side, it is like this for several shots.



Correction: Mullroy's bayonet is visible in all shots, it never disappears. In the two shots facing Interceptor Mullroy holds his fixed bayonet beside his head, directly in front of his right shoulder - at the edge of the left side of the screen, just as in the other shots.

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Corrected entry: In the opening shot when the camera pans towards to ship, note there is no large plank holding a sail, yet when we see Elizabeth and you look in the background, a plank and sail has suddenly appeared.

00:25:00 - 00:50:00


Correction: In the opening shot of the film, just as it starts panning in on Dauntless in the foggy mist, the spritsail yard - with its furled spiritsail (the "large plank holding a sail"), IS visible in front of the fore-mast sail, directly above the ship's prominent figurehead, at the top of the screen. Much of the length of the bowspirit - from which the spritsail yard hangs, is blocked from view by the figurehead, as the shot is angled up, however, in the following shots on forward deck the bowspirit is more visible (note the figurehead below it).

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is in the cave and Barbossa goes to cut her hand, he holds his hand on her hand and turns it over, yet in the following shot, his hand is now on her wrist.



Correction: After Barbossa slices Elizabeth's palm, in the first shot, he squeezes her hand closed so the blood stained medallion is tightly enclosed within her grasp, and as Barbossa grips her hand he turns her hand so it is palm side down, over the Aztec chest. It cuts to two shots of the pirates hooting and hollering - and we do not see Elizabeth's hand. Then in the fourth shot Barbossa holds Elizabeth's wrist, as he forces her to drop the medallion. There is plenty of time between the first and fourth shot for Barbossa to change his grip.

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Corrected entry: Just after Elizabeth threatens to drop the gold coin into the sea, her body's direction changes in subsequent shots from turned at a side to facing the captain of the Black Pearl.



Correction: While Elizabeth's head faces Barbossa, the position of her body remains consistent within the shots, as she stands beside the guard rail holding the medallion over the water.

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Corrected entry: In the middle of the film when we see Jack and Will looking over their new crew members, Jack gets to Annamaria, and when the camera looks at the ship it's side on, yet when it cuts back for another view of the ship a few shots later, it's pointing in Jack's direction for a perfect camera shot of the Interceptor.



Correction: When Jack begins to inspect their able-bodied crew in Tortuga, Interceptor is moored in the distance, on open choppy waters, and it visibly moves on the water. As Anamaria says, "I will!" the ship is seen, and four shots later when Interceptor is seen again, it is only a bit turned starboard as it bounces on the choppy waters in the following shots - it is certainly not "pointing in Jack's direction."

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is on her way to the Black Pearl, the first shot we see is from behind the captain, and if you watch this scene closely you don't see anyone entering the main part of the ship from the right, but when it cuts to Elizabeth there is already the bald pirate on the ship, and Elizabeth is climbing over.



Correction: In the first shot, Elizabeth is still in the small boat between Pintel and Ragetti. As the next wide shot opens from bridge deck, the small boat is being hoisted by the pirates at starboard side down below and is still below deck rail, as the camera pans back behind Barbossa. In the next shot, the small boat is well above the rail as Ragetti and Elizabeth are at the top of the ladder and walk through the deck rail, while Pintel stands on deck. These three consecutive shots are deliberately cut to indicate time compression for the following: When the small boat pulls alongside the Black Pearl, Pintel, Ragetti and Elizabeth step out onto the ladder mounted on the Pearl's hull that leads to the deck. As they climb up, the boat is being hoisted up beside them, so that by the time they all reach the deck, the small boat hangs above them.

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Corrected entry: When Jack has just shot Barbossa, he uses both hands to rip open his vest, to see the blood spot begin to form on his chest. He says,"I feel...cold." and then falls to the ground. The next shot shows an apple falling from his hand. If he was just in a fight, and used both hands to rip open his vest, where did the apple come from?

Correction: When Barbossa walks into the cave at Isla de Muerta, as Pintel says to Will, "No reason to fret, just a prick of the finger," Barbossa tosses the green apple up into the air. They are about to perform the blood ritual with Will, so Barbossa, who we know favors apples, has one ready for the occasion. Later, after Jack shoots him, when Barbossa pulls his jacket open revealing the bloody wound, the camera pans up to his face for two close-ups (with a shot of Jack between), and as Barbossa realizes what has occurred, he reaches into his pocket for his prized apple - out of camera shot. So after he falls, the green apple dramatically slips out of his grip.

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Corrected entry: In the final fight scene after Jack shoots Barbosa he cuts his hand with his sword before tossing the medallion to Will. Jack is cursed so there would be no blood to lift the curse. Only Will's blood can lift the curse.

Correction: As we see when Elizabeth stabs Barbossa, people under the effect of the curse do bleed. As is stated at least twice, everybody who takes a coin from the chest has to give a blood sacrifice - all the pirates already have, leaving just Will, standing in for his father. Jack then takes a coin, so both he and Will have to give a blood sacrifice in order for the curse to be lifted.

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Corrected entry: In the battle between the Interceptor and the Pearl, when Jack asks Elizabeth where the medallion is and she goes to hit him and says 'wretch.' when he grabs her wrist we see her nails. her nails are actually acrylic nails. you can tell because of the pink colour and the way the nail is shaped into the cuticle. The base of the nail is the pink acrylic and she has 'natural' coloured tips on.

Correction: Though many women have the acute ability to distinguish false nails from real ones, the fact is that in this situation there is nothing alarmingly discernable about Elizabeth's nails that would validate this. There is nothing telling in the way her nails are shaped, nor is there anything revealing about their color, on the nail plates, or free edges.

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Corrected entry: In scene ten, Jack Sparrow's prison cell on the Black Pearl, which is in the closest cell on the right, is busted open by the Interceptor's cannons. In scene eleven, when the crew of the Interceptor is captured, the majority of the crew is placed in the exact same cell that Jack Sparrow had been busted out of, on the right side, but the lock has been mysteriously fixed.

Correction: The lock is still broken. When Gibbs says, "Good man!" referring to Bill Turner, the broken twisted bars around the broken lock are visible at the bottom right of the screen, as is the steel link chain that is wound around the existing bars to hold the door locked in place. It is visible on DVD widescreen.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth tries to get a sword from the decoration in her house, the sword hangs on a nail. When the pirates barge in, there is no nail on the wall. Look closely if you have to.

Correction: When Elizabeth pulls the panoply sword display from the wall the nail is apparent due to the close-up. However, in the next wide shot, as she steps off the stool, the very small nail is not easily noticeable, but it CAN be seen as a small black dot on the wall over the mantle, just as it is when Pintel and Ragetti burst in.

Corrected entry: The solid cannon shot explodes in flames. Shells that exploded weren't invented until the mid-19th century.

Correction: Leonardo da Vinci invented exploding shells in the late 1400s-early 1500s.

Corrected entry: The fish that Elizabeth is served does not live in the Caribbean.

Correction: Barbossa and the rest of the pirates have just pillaged Port Royal, including the well stocked mansion of the wealthy Governor. The fish that is served need not have been caught in the Caribbean and it makes perfect sense to think that they stole it and the rest of the food that they now have aboard the Pearl, from the Governor's mansion. That fish and other delicacies would have simply been sent to the Governor's home in Port Royal from elsewhere.

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Corrected entry: When the wooden-eyed guy and the fat bald one are practicing eating, and the little monkey lands head first on the cannon and gets knocked out and falls off the cannon. The monkey is immortal too and therefore can not be knocked out.


Correction: First off, Grapple and Mallet are the ones sitting at the table, to be as Mallet puts it "ready when the time comes" to eat, not Pintel (bald) and Ragetti (fake eye). Jack (the monkey) hits the hard cannon (Elizabeth threw him overboard), he shakes his head from the jolt, then loses his balance and falls off into the water - he is never even 'knocked out'.

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Corrected entry: Barbossa tells Elizabeth that they spent all the gold and took ten years to find it again. But this makes no sense. The moment night fell and they realized the side effect was that they were cursed, they would have just returned it, instead of spending it.

Correction: Could be many possible explanations for this. They could have found and spent the gold before night fell. Also, by spending all the gold, he might not have actually meant every single piece, just a portion, which would be a much more possible thing to do before night fall. They also likely split up when they got to land, so some could have gone to a bar and stayed there all night, indoors, away from the moon light. If they stayed all night, they wouldn't realize they were cursed til the following night, giving the money time to circulate.

Corrected entry: When the child Elizabeth wakens the child Will in the first scene, she says "It's okay." Use of the term "okay" was strictly American slang, and not in use until the early 19th century.

Correction: See similar corrections for 'Braveheart' and 'Troy'. The film is shot in colloquial English so modern audiences can understand it. This is a film convention, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is about to smack Jacoby in the head with the large gold sceptre, she says "You like pain? Try wearing a corset." In the 18th century, that garment was called "stays," and that is certainly the word she would have used. Similarly, in the scene in which her father brings her a new dress, she appears to be uncomfortable in the stays, as if she had never worn them before: a woman of her socio-economic class would have been wearing stays since she was at least 7 years old.

Correction: First of all, using "corsets" vs "stays", is similar to the corrections for 'Braveheart' and 'Troy'. This film is shot in colloquial English so modern audiences can understand it. This is a film convention, not a mistake. Second of all, being used to wearing corsets wouldn't mean that it doesn't hurt, especially a brand new one.

Corrected entry: As Will comes on board the Black Pearl after his own ship blows up, not a drop of water falls off his clothes. Yet he has just been swimming in the ocean, so why isn't he dripping wet?

Correction: Will is dripping wet throughout the whole scene. This is most noticeable by the fact that the sleeves of his white shirt are completely see-through and his hair is without a doubt soaked as well. And water actually does drip of his shirt several times during the scene.


Corrected entry: After the Pirates on the Black Pearl pillage the town and they are bargaining with Elizabeth, they are standing in the open moonlight, however they do not look like skeletons.

Correction: Before the shot of Elizabeth on the small boat with the pirates there is a shot of the moon being covered by thick clouds. So when she is aboard the Pearl with Barbossa and his crew there is cloud cover overhead, hence the pirates are not in skeletal form.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is running from the pirates the chandelier falls down, but when she runs into the dining room you can see that it is back up hanging on the roof.

Correction: The large chandelier in the FOYER does fall and we do NOT see it back up. As Elizabeth runs into the dining room, behind her we see a glimpse of another similar light fixture that is attached to the wall at the stairs - it is NOT the large hanging chandelier that fell. Then when Elizabeth is in the dining room, the chandelier we do see in the next few shots is the one that hangs over the table, in the dining room.

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Corrected entry: When Jack boards the Interceptor after sneaking past the guards, watch when the guards confront him. There's a shot of the guards, and you can see a boat pass by in the background. Then a shot of Jack, then back to the guards. In the background the exact same boat can be seen passing by again.


Correction: It is not the same boat, but a different one which was behind the first boat. When you see the first boat, just at the end of the shot you can see the front of the other boat behind it come into view.

Corrected entry: It would be physically impossible to crew a ship with two men. The sails alone weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Correction: That's why Jack had to let the navy get the ship ready to set sail (in fact already sailing) before he could "commandeer" it. That's why he thanks Commodore Norrington because "We'd have had a hard time of it by ourselves."

Corrected entry: When the Interceptor starts clubhauling, Captain Barbossa gives the command "hard to port, rack the starboard oars." The film is set in the 1700's but the word "port," meaning left wasn't invented until the late 1800's early 1900's.

Correction: It is true that the word port was not *officially* adopted by the British and US navies (to replace the archaic larboard, which was easily confused with starboard) until the 1840s. However, the term was first recorded in the 1540s, and would have long been in common use by the 1700s. See http://www.etymonline.com/p8etym.htm and http://www.wordorigins.org/wordorp.htm.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Jack and Will are fighting in his shop, Will pulls out the brander, the end of which has changed shape from when Jack used it.

Correction: Of course the tip changed shape, it's an entirely different tool. Jack pulls a glowing red hot 'fire poker' out of the fire, not a brander, which is glowing red-hot with caked-on ash on the tip, in order to get the donkey to move. Later Will pulls long iron tongs from the table beside the fireplace to wield against Jack, after Jack kicks Will's sword out of his hand.

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Corrected entry: On Disc 2, go to 'Below Deck', 'Scene Index', then page 2. Highlight 'Types of Pirates' and press right and Enter to view the DVD Credits.

Correction: This is not an Easter egg. You can view the DVD credits anyway by just clicking down the normal way.

Corrected entry: Take a close look at Will's face just before Jack sprays him with soot during their fight. If you pause the movie you can see that Will's face is already dirty, probably from a previous take.

Correction: Seen frame by frame, in the first shot facing Jack, when Will's back is seen, Jack grabs the bag of soot, starts to squeeze it towards Will and plenty of soot begins to pour out into the air already. As the next shot opens, this time facing Will, there is soot in the air making this shot hazy and a large puff of soot right in front of him, so the soot has already started to settle on his face and body, and in the next frame more soot blankets him.

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie when Jack Sparrow dives in to save the unconscious Elizabeth, the water around him is completely devoid of all life. However, when he is carrying her to the surface, there are fish swimming all over. Furthermore, the fish do not move like real fish; real fish would swim away from Jack.


Correction: Fish tend to be less scared when traveling in groups.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Black Pearl and the Interceptor are battling head to head, the crew of the Interceptor have just dumped all their cannon balls and weaponry into the ocean to lighten their load, but when it shows Jack Sparrow sitting in the brig of the Pearl, a cannon ball blows through his cell and he shouts, "Stop blowin' holes in my ship." Where did they get cannon balls all of a sudden?

Correction: A cannon ball did not make that hole. Just as Gibbs says, "Case shot, langrage (which is shot that consisted of bolts and other pieces of iron), nails and crushed glass!" They also inserted forks, knives and spoons into the cannons. The force of the cannon fire propelled these things with enough strength to blast a hole in the wood. If you look at the brig cell that Jack leaves you will see a varied assortment of utensils embedded all around him.

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Corrected entry: What suddenly makes Elizabeth the great expert on nautical affairs when they are being chased by the Black Pearl? I know it's to involve the actress in the scene, but really this is just silly.

Correction: Rubbish. Elizabeth has lived around a port and ships for at least half her life - there's every reason to expect that she'd be familiar with nautical affairs, particularly as it seems likely that Norrington has been a frequent visitor to the Swann household and would no doubt relate tales of his misadventures. And note that the real sailors on the crew do point out that her ideas are pretty out-there - sailing into dangerous areas and dropping the anchor while at full sail are not the suggestions of an experienced sailor.

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Corrected entry: I know Jack was able to fold the handcuffs in half to slide down - but how did he get off? There must have been something the pole was attached to at the end... and he just drops off. Shouldn't he have hit something at the other end of the rope?

Correction: The handcuffs don't go over the rope with his hands on either side. If you watch closely, he throws the chain of the handcuffs over the top of the rope and then holds on to that as he slides down. Then, when he gets to the bottom, he simply lets go of the folded chain. It took a few times watching that scene to figure out how he did that. As for not hitting something at the end, the rope continues for a bit longer, to whatever it is tied to, but Jack simply lets go of the folded chain when he's near enough to the ground, and hits the ground running.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Captain Jack Sparrow rescues Elizabeth Swann from the water, when they are reaching the top of the sea after Jack has taken off her dress, you see his arms and legs moving but he isn't holding onto Elizabeth, but if she's unconscious how would she be able to hold on?


Correction: She is not holding on, but Sparrow draped her over his shoulder so she wouldn't have to hold on.

Corrected entry: When the Interceptor is trying to escape the Black Pearl, there's a shot of Barbosa from behind. Over his shoulder, there is a pirate dancing quite excitedly on the stern of the ship.

Correction: In the two shots over Barbossa's shoulder, who is himself at the stern of the Black Pearl, the pirate that is seen 'dancing' is actually hopping on one leg on the bow of the Pearl. He is not wearing his wooden leg in these shots. This pirate is portrayed by an individual who really is missing a leg.

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Corrected entry: The black, dread-locked pirate with the white cross on his face loses his arm to the Governor in the assault on the Dauntless. The Governor then continues to fight with this dismembered arm, but we later see the same Pirate with two arms when Norrington joins the attack. Am I right, or does a different Pirate lose his arm? And why does no one continue to fight with Swan after after he lops off their arm.

Correction: It is not Koehler's arm that Governor Swann hacks off, it is another unknown pirate's arm. The other pirates are distracted as they fight with the Marines aboard Dauntless and trying to fend off Norrington and his men who are approaching Dauntless from the boats in the water.

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Corrected entry: In the blacksmith's shop, you can tell that the donkey is attached to the huge gear above it. However, when Jack and Will are fighting around the large post in the center, the gear is turning, but the donkey is no where to be seen.

Correction: The post Jack and Will fight around is the post of the *second* gear in the shop. The first overhead gear is turned by the donkey, and this gear then turns the one that Jack and Will are fighting around. The donkey can be seen several times during the fight at screen's edge, where the first gear is.


Corrected entry: When Jack first enters the blacksmith shop, and sees the old man sleeping, he walks up and says "WHOA." You can see that the chain of beads on his headwrap stays securely in place as if it were glued there. However, throughout the rest of the sword fighting scene you can see it moving and swaying as Jack moves around.

Correction: Actually, the headwrap beads don't move in the scene at all, except for the coin on the end. This is true even when Jack is hanging from the rafter, trying to loose the sword, and when he turns a backward somersault after falling from the same rafter when the sword does come loose.


Corrected entry: Elizabeth (as a little girl) sees the boy (young William Turner) floating on some driftwood and says calls for help. When Turner is determined to be alive, the Commodore puts Elizabeth in charge of his well being. While looking at him, she spies the medallion on the chain around his neck and realises it's the mark of a pirate. The Commodore comes up behind Elizabeth and asks if the boy is feeling okay (or something to this effect) Elizabeth spins around and hides the medallion behind her back till the commodore leaves. Now, she didn't break the chain, nor did she lift his head up to remove it. When she spins around, the chain is mysteriously off his neck with no effort on her part.



Correction: Watch her holding the chain in her left hand as she picks it up. It appears as though she is unclasping it when the camera changes to show her face. You can hear the sound of the chain sliding before it changes to show it in her hand, unclasped. Plenty of time for her to undo it.

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Corrected entry: When young Will is rescued in the beginning, he wakes up and talks for a few moments. When he passes out again, the sound of his head hitting the blanket covered wood can be heard an instant before it actually hits.


Correction: His head is rotating, so it is not possible to judge whether or not the sound occurs before it hits, or if it simply appears that way because he is turning his head.

Jason Sieberg

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, the line that keeps the umbrella that is floating in the water pointed straight up is visible in the shot of the umbrella floating past the side of the ship.


Forrest Wilkinson

Correction: There is no line visible, either in real time or watching frame by frame.

Jason Sieberg

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack is getting arrested after saving Elizabeth, Norrington looks at Jack's compass and says "...a compass that doesn't point north..." and a clicking sound is made as though the compass has been closed. But if you watch the compass, it doesn't close when the sound is made.

Correction: There are two clicking noises: the first is made when the compass is snapped open, therefore the compass is not supposed to be closed. When the second click is heard, after Norrington says "doesn't point north...", Norrington moves the compass down and out of the frame, as if to flip it closed. It isn't until a moment after the compass disappears from view that the click closed is heard, so there is no way this can even be seen.

Corrected entry: When Jack walks off the plank he has shoes on, when he's swimming down to the bottom of the ocean he doesn't, and when his toe hits a rock he does.

Correction: This is wrong. As 'Jack' (Tony Angelotti) swims down, the silhouette of his boots, especially the top of his boots, are seen. The boots in this shot have a very low heel.

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Corrected entry: During the attack on Port Royal Orlando comes out ready to fight with a sword in one hand and an axe in the other which he throws into the back of a pirate who drops dead. I thought the pirates could not die?

Correction: The pirate doesn't die. That is why Will is shocked when the pirate throws the bomb at him later. The pirate actually just got knocked over from the force of the blow.

Corrected entry: Just before Will runs down the stairs at the prison, to ask Jack where the Black Pearl is, Jack is trying to pick the lock with a bone fragment. When Will appears, Jack leaves the bone in the lock, and we see it once more, when Will says, "You. Sparrow." However, when the lock is shown again, as Jack and Will shake hands, the bone is not in the lock anymore.

00:42:25 - 00:44:15

Correction: A bone does not fit a lock like a key, and it could have loosened and fallen out at any time. As pointed out previously, Will grabs the door in anger. He could also have brushed against the bone and loosened it, any number of things.

Corrected entry: A lot of the movie is based on the fact that Will's blood is need to break the curse. You see Elizabeth's hand being cut. You see Jack cutting his hand before tossing his coin to Will. However, we never see that Will is bleeding. Did I miss something?

Correction: You can see a gash across Will's hand as he drops both coins into the chest.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Ragetti has a wooden eye. He is always complaining how much the eye is irritating him by splintering and itching. The pirates are under the curse. It would be impossible for him to feel anything, in this case, it should not itch.


Correction: It's been established that although the pirates do not feel pleasure, they do react to pain and discomfort, such as itching. This could be part of the curse.

Corrected entry: When Jack is going to be hung, and Will throws the sword, he is in front of the platform so the sword should have gone through the front of it, but it went though the back.

Correction: The sword went through the front of the trap door and the tip of the blade comes out the back. Standing on the scaffolding Jack faces Norrington's office and his back is facing the parapet.

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Corrected entry: In the first scene, young Elizabeth is singing her pirate song and Mr. Gibbs makes a remark that it is unlucky to have a woman on board even if she is a miniature woman. If Elizabeth is the ONLY woman on board, who curled her hair into perfect ringlets and helped her get dressed?(her dress would have fastened in the back). I don't think that the men on board would have known how to maintain a proper young woman - or be allowed to for that matter.

Correction: Nobody ever said she was the only woman on board.

Corrected entry: The British Royal Navy have their bayonets fixed all the time. This is not practical. Bayonets were kept in a scabbard on their belt. Loading a musket with a fixed bayonet will skin the soldier's knuckles raw.

Correction: The only time we see the British muskets is when it would be practical to have fixed bayonets. It is also perfectly possible to reload a musket with a fixed bayonet without injuring yourself, you just have to be a bit more careful and it takes a few seconds longer. During the American Civil War, with weapons not very different from those used in this movie, it was a common practice to charge with fixed bayonets and reload the weapons during the battle without removing the bayonet. This was done in case the fight became a melee and the bayonet could be used, and also to instill fear in the enemy.

Corrected entry: When Commodore Norrington proposes to Elizabeth, and she falls off the cliff, she should have died. When you hit water after falling from a great height, it acts like cement would if you fell on it from the same height.

Correction: Water tension only has this effect if the water is extremely calm, which it wouldn't be in this case, due to the waves and the presence of rocks nearby. A landing in even relatively calm water can be survivable - a well-documented case from 1993 details a New Zealand parachutist, who fell 3600 feet when both his parachutes failed to open. He landed in a shallow duck pond and walked away with only a small cut over one eye.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is talking with Norrington before she falls to the sea, she is wearing two necklaces - a short gold necklace with white pearls, and a long chain with the Aztec medallion. Later, we see only the chain with the Aztec medallion and there is no trace of the other necklace.

00:10:55 - 00:15:40

Correction: The other necklace was a much more delicate piece than the sturdy chain for the medallion. Considering the height from which Elizabeth fell, chances are it broke when she hit the water.


Corrected entry: Just after Jack and Elizabeth are rescued from the island, in the wide screen version you can see a camera man dressing in a blue short sleeve shirt and tan shorts standing a few feet behind Depp to the far left.


Aaron Lassman

Correction: When Jack says, "If I may be so bold to interject my professional opinion", behind Jack to his right are two sailors. One with a tan shirt with sleeves rolled up above his elbow, and wearing a black band on his wrist. The second, with a blue shirt with sleeves rolled up above his elbow, not short sleeves. The one with the blue shirt has white pants, not shorts, a dark belt and dark hair with a braid at his back. Those two men, tan shirt and blue shirt, have their arms up holding the line leading to the small boat that just rescued Elizabeth and Jack. Even more sailors wearing similar clothes, tan shirts and blue shirts, can also be seen when Norrington boards the Dauntless, before Jack and Will's escape on Interceptor.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Captain Jack saves Elizabeth they put a shirt over her to cover her, but when Jack kidnaps her she's not wearing it anymore.

Correction: What is put over Elizabeth's shoulders is her father's coat. You can see her remove it and thrust it towards the governor as Elizabeth says, "Commodore, I really must protest."

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, we see that the castle is right directly on the edge of the cliff, but in the scenes where the Commodore is proposing and when Jack falls off, both in the same place, we can see rocks jutting out past the castle base. These rocks are not visible when the castle is viewed from any other angle.

Sol Parker

Correction: Not sure which rocks you are talking about, so I will give 2 answers. If you're talking about the ones actually in the water they could be tidal OR they could actually be under the water, but visible from above because the water is so clear. If you talking about the ones connected to the base, I watched the scene and you can see them attached to the cliff and then sloping into the sea.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, people are in and out of the water, but when they are on deck their clothes are dry. The white shirts that they wear should become clingy and translucent when wet and don't dry very fast. An example of the way they look is when Will and Elizabeth return to the Interceptor. The other scenes in the movie where their shirts are free flowing are of dry shirts.


Donald Jenkins

Correction: When Jack and Elizabeth are marooned on the island, their shirts are very visibly wet. When Will and Elizabeth return to the Interceptor, they had been out of the water for awhile, and their shirts had time to dry a little.

Corrected entry: Hans Zimmer, the composer for this film, also composed the music to 'The Road to El Dorado'. After watching both, it is evident that some of the themes in POTC are almost exact copies of themes from El Dorado. One that springs to mind is the theme - in El Dorado - played whenever the High Priest is on screen. It is the same music played during moments heavily featuring the Pearl in POTC.

Correction: Klaus Badelt composed the score for this film, not Hans Zimmer. Hans Zimmer was the music producer of PotC.

Corrected entry: How would Barbarossa have such nice looking apples? He is on a dirty old pirate ship in an Atlantic setting with no orchards within 100's of miles and yet he has such flawless, ripe fruit. Apples are not a tropical fruit in nature. This means that they have to be shipped from other places by ship, if at all. The voyage would take weeks, maybe months for them to arrive. The stories about sailors having scurvy due to the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables is because fruit like apples only stay good for about a week and then start to go bad. They would never last the entirety of the voyage.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: The pirates just pillaged Port Royal, including the well stocked home of the Governor. It makes sense to think that they stole all the delicious food that they now have aboard the Pearl, including the apples, from Port Royal.

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Corrected entry: All the men in the British Royal Navy wear powdered wigs, but Murtogg and Mullroy have normal brown hair.

Correction: As a rule, only the officers wear powdered wigs - if you watch the battle on the Dauntless at the end, none of the enlisted men are wearing the wigs. The troops who assist in nearly arresting Jack after his rescue of Elizabeth have just been at Norrington's promotion ceremony - a special occasion where all the Navy men would wear the wigs. Murtogg and Mullroy were not present at the ceremony, therefore they are dressed normally, without the wigs.

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Corrected entry: When you see the tattoo of the sparrow on Johny Depp's arm that is actual real tattoo. it represents his son who is also called Jack

Correction: The tattoo of the sparrow was painted on, but after the movie was made, Johnny Depp got one exactly like it.

Corrected entry: First when Elizabeth and Norrington are speaking, Elizabeth falls off the edge and into the water. There were rocks below but when they view her underwater there are no rocks surrounding her.

Correction: There are always rocks surrounding her. Under water, we can see one rock to the far right of the screen. the other rocks are just spread out, as seen from above.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Elizabeth is admiring the medallion (after her dream), she hears her father and runs to get her dressing gown off her bed, knocking down her chair in the process. In the next shot, the chair is upright again.

Correction: While we do see the chair fall over onto the floor, as she reaches for her robe on the bed, the camera never once shows that chair again, in the subsequent shots in her bedroom. That chair has an ornate high back, with a white seat cushion. The chair we see behind Elizabeth as she puts her robe on, is another chair, with a low straight back.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Will is denying that his father was a pirate and Jack swings the wheel over to push Will off the ship with the boom. The ship is running before the wind so the spanker (the sail on the boom of the mizzen mast) should be right out perpendicular to the stern, and it should be held there by both the sheet holding it place on the mast and the preventer holding it in place on the side of the ship, and therefore shouldn't swing over when Jack moves the wheel.

Correction: First, the sheet would not stop the boom from swinging over, I've been hit enough times by the thing to know that. Second, it is reasonable that the preventer wasn't set, there are only two people aboard after all.

Corrected entry: When in the belly of the ship, Will and Elizabeth are talking in the candle light, but if you look at the reflection in their eyes in the closeups, you can see a square white light, most certainly not the flickering yellow of a candle.

Sol Parker

Correction: The door to the hold is open, letting in other light.

Corrected entry: Just before Norrington and his men board the Dauntless, if you look to the left of the screen, you can see a sailor fighting absolutely no one. Apparently, the computer graphic experts forgot to add his particular CGI 'actor'.

Correction: This Marine in blue, does have a pirate 'partner', that is shown in the background, behind skeletal Pintel and Ragetti, when they first come on deck. As for the specific shot you're referring to, that is when skeletal Pintel raises his sword and yells out, "Come on! Gaaah!" The marine is duelling with that pirate, who is now hidden behind the ship's red bell housing. You can actually SEE the pirate's sword swing three times, as the Marine swings his. Go frame by frame if necessary.

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Corrected entry: At the very beginning, when you see the close-up of Jack on his sinking ship, he has three dangling braided beards. After that shot he only has two.

Correction: No. In this closeup you see 2 braids on the beard AND 2 shadows of those 2 braids. One is behind a braid, the other is between the two braids, so looks like a third one.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning, when we first see Jack, there is a sunset behind him as he stands on the mast of his boat. In the other shots, the sky is blue.

Correction: The opening shot from behind, shows a blue sky with plenty of white puffy clouds. The next shot from the front, the camera is looking up, and it shows the blue sky and puffy clouds as well, with the 'sunrise', NOT sunset. The next shots looking straight out, the sky is still blue with puffy clouds.

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Corrected entry: When Will frees Jack from jail, he lifts the door, but the door is directly under another bar, making it impossible to lift straight up.

Correction: As Will is standing right in front of Jack's cell, you can see a gap between the top of the cell door and the cell wall bars. There is more than enough of a gap at the top to lift the door off its half-pin barrel hinges. That is how the door is set into the hinges in the first place.

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Corrected entry: When Jack and Will are talking to Anamaria in Tortuga, look behind them and you will see the Interceptor with no canvas visible at all. Then when Will points to the ship and they turn to look at it, you can see canvas.

Correction: The sails on the masts are lowered halfway in all the shots during this scene. When Will points to the Interceptor, we see it from a better angle, and the sails are more visible.

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Corrected entry: When Elizabeth Swann pretends to be Bootstrap Bill Turner's child, Elizabeth Turner, Barbossa slits her hand, so if that happened when Jack Sparrow and Barbossa are fighting, Will standing there with his hands tied up and Elizabeth comes in to save the day why is it that she has no bandage around her hand or at least a scab or scar?

Correction: Will is not tied up anymore, when Elizabeth comes to join him in fighting the pirates and she IS wearing the cloth around her hand during this entire scene.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Sparrow and Turner sword fight in the blacksmiths, after Sparrow cuts his chains in half, you can see when they're fighting he sometimes has it on, sometimes has it off. Very noticeable on the left hand. The excess chains also disappear in some shots.

Correction: I watched the entire scene frame by frame and this isn't true. It may look like the chains aren't there, but they are, as seen in individual frames and he always has the shackles on.

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Corrected entry: Characters in the film are firing wet flint-lock guns, even though flint will not create a spark when wet.

Correction: Wet flints will fire, but wet powder will not. So long as the frizzen is folded down to cover the pan and powder, the friction/impact of the flint on the frizzen should cause sparks enough to ignite the priming charge. As a historical re-enactor, I have fired my flintlock in the pouring rain with very few misfires. On the other hand, if the weapon is completely submerged, and the powder soaked, it won't ignite even with a spark...

Corrected entry: During the scene of the battle between the Interceptor and the Black Pearl, Captain Barbossa is shouting orders at the crew, but if you look in the background on the left side of the screen, you can see a guy swinging on a rope who gets himself tangled up. You see a jerk where he falls about a half-a-foot, then the camera switches shots, but when it comes back to Barbossa, he is so tangled up that another man is helping him.

Correction: Actually, the man who gets caught in the rope is somewhat thrown from the mast by the battle. He gets tangled in the rope on his way down and is caught before he hits the deck. You can see a cannon fired at the Pearl just before this shot and you see a couple of pirates fall from the top of the mast.

Corrected entry: There is a scene in which Elizabeth is reading a book in bed. The bed is heated incorrectly by the maid. The way she heats the bed would burn the feet of whoever was in bed. The object she uses was meant to be placed between the covers before anyone gets into bed, and removed at bedtime.

Correction: Actually it is heated just fine.The maid puts the heater under the mattress therefore not burning the feet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Will Turner is breaking Captain Jack out of prison, he only raises the left side of the jail door out of the hinges to help Jack escape, but that's impossible since the jail doors are locked - when the door falls away it falls to the hinged side showing the door unlocked.

Correction: When the camera shows Captain Jack Sparrow picking the lock with a broken bone you can see that the lock is an old deadbolt lock of some kind so when Will pulls the hinges out he is able to pull the door backwards so that the two doors are no longer inter-locking.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Norrington is watching Will and Jack through his spyglass as they get away on the Interceptor, Jack is telling Will to do something, and Will is holding onto two lines, swinging them back and forth uselessly. This would not cause the boat to do anything, such as turn, or go faster.

Correction: Jack and Will aren't actually trying to take the 'Dauntless', but only trying to make it appear that they are so they can take the 'Interceptor' when Norrington comes after them.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jack Sparrow removes the coin from the chest at the end, he becomes cursed, but when Elizabeth removes it (when they cut her hand), she doesn't become cursed.

Correction: She NEVER removed the medallion from the chest. Barbossa grabbed it back up, when he realized the curse has not been lifted. He threw the coin with her, when he slapped her and knocked her down. Only when, 'someone removes any of the medallions directly from the chest, will they be cursed, until they put it back, with a bit of their blood.'

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Capt. Jack Sparrow is holding Elizabeth at gunpoint, he obviously has a gun in his hands. Yet, when he turns and runs, he grabs the rope with both hands. You don't hear a gun fall and/or there wasn't enough time to put it into his belt.

Correction: Just as Jack pushes Elizabeth away, off camera he does put the gun into his belt, when he spins around, it is there in his belt, just before he flies up the rope.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Right before Commodore Norrington proposes to Elizabeth you can see that the Cello players cello has no strings.

Correction: The strings on the cello can be seen right underneath the bow, as the shot just opens.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Will is caught under the deck hold as the water rises around him on the floundering Interceptor. But at least one deck below him the powder room, with its burning black powder, remains above the water line.

Correction: It's quite possible that since moisture ruins powder, that the whole powder room is sealed with pine gum or hot tar or wax and is nearly watertight.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene after Jack saves Elizabeth from drowning, he cuts the corset from her stomach and the soldiers make the comment "I never would have thought of that". Afterwards, Jack says, "Clearly you have never been to Singapore". Pirates of the Caribbean took place in the 1720's and Singapore was only discovered during the 1800's.

Correction: No, Singapore was only established as a British trading port in the 1800s. It has been a well-known place since the 14th century. See: http://inic.utexas.edu/asnic/countries/singapore/Singapore-History.html

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: The first time we see the older Elizabeth, she has just awoken from a dream about the day she and Will first met. She gets out of bed, takes a lamp that is burning there, and opens the drawer to find the medallion. However, a minute later it is shown to be broad daylight, so there is no reason for that lamp to be there. Either it has been left burning all night (something never done, in case of fire - and it would have run out of fuel in that time anyway), or a maid has just brought it in while Elizabeth was sleeping - but why would she do this, and not just open a window?

STP Premium member

Correction: Lamps were left lit for many reasons, and lamps, with a short wick and a full supply of good oil, can last a night, and some were designed to (much safer than candles). A lamp would be left on so that the sleeper could find the chamber pot if needed in the darkness of night. In this case, it may have also have arisen from a childhood demand that 'the lamp be left' that was still being carried out by the servants.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the pirates fight on board the Interceptor and Elizabeth's father is hidden in the room, his wig gets snatched off his head by one of the pirates. However, when he opens the drawer and sees the human hand inside it, his wig is on again.

Correction: He grabbed the wig back right after the pirates took it.

Corrected entry: You will have to stay past the credits to see this one: When Will throws the last two medallions into the chest, he leaves it open. The lid is on the floor, next to chest. When Jack the Monkey arrives at the same chest, the lid is covering it partially.

Correction: There is a long-ish time period between Will putting the medallions back in the chest and Jack the monkey showing up. Sparrow has time to check out the treasure, Will and Elizabeth talk and so on. They could easily have put the lid in the position seen later during this time.

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Corrected entry: When Jack first sails into Port Royal, he passes a gallows with three corpses and an sign that says "Pirates be Ye warned". "Ye" is not an old way of writing "you", but the old form of "the", the y-looking character being derived from the rune for the "th"-sound.


Correction: Assuming this movie takes place sometime later than the sixteen hundreds, the use of the word "ye" was used for the modern "you". For reference, check the King James Version of the Bible, written 400 years ago, obviously uses "ye" for "you". While possible uses of the word further back in history may have been different, the language has changed since the days of runes.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: You will have to stay past the credits to see this one. The monkey is back in the cave having swum back to shore, but monkeys do not swim. How did it get from the ship to the cave?

Sol Parker

Correction: Some monkeys can swim (http://www.monkeymaddness.com/bbm/bbm3094.htm).

Corrected entry: When Will is waiting for the governor, he broke one arm of the candelabrum leaving only three candles. Later when Will gives the sword to the governor, the candelabrum has four candles again.

Correction: Actually, the candelabrum had FIVE candles to start with, one of them is slightly obscured by another.


Corrected entry: Townspeople in Port Royal have shoes fastened by Velcro which was not invented until the mid-1900s.

Forrest Wilkinson

Correction: The townspeople have shoes fastened with either laces or buckles.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the opening scenes the 'young' Elizabeth looks to be around the age of ten, whereas Norrington looks at least 25. In the main section of the film, it looks extremely unlikely that there is a 15 year age difference between them.

Correction: Jack Davenport is 12 years older than Keira Knightley. If this is considered consistent with the characters they play, then Norrington would be about 22 in the opening scenes (if Elizabeth is 10) and in his early thirties for the majority of the film, which seems plausible. Governor Swann is actually considerably older than Norrington - given that he has a ten-year-old daughter at the beginning of the film, he must be at least in his early forties during the main section of the film.

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Corrected entry: In the scene near the end when Jack falls into the water and the Black Pearl comes around the side of the cliff (after the line "He's nowhere to go but back to the noose."), the sails on the Pearl are white - after this when we see Jack on the Pearl (when they give him the ship), the sails are black again.

Correction: The sails are black the entire time. The sun is hitting the sails in a way that makes them appear light in color. Some dark fabrics do that in the sun light.

Corrected entry: When "The Interceptor" is lying next to "The Black Pearl" during the sea battle, "The Interceptor" should have been destroyed after the first salvo by the much heavier armed "Black Pearl." Both ships are 10 meters away from each other, and they hardly damage each other with their main guns.

Correction: The pirates still need to retrieve the missing medallion from the Interceptor, which would be far easier with the ship still mostly intact. As such, they would aim the guns to cripple the ship, but deliberately avoid destroying her completely until they'd had a chance to board and locate the medallion.

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Corrected entry: During the first blood ritual, neither Will nor Jack make an attempt to rescue Elizabeth. This proves to be of no consequence because Barbossa only cuts her hand, but they had no way of knowing he was going to spare her life and not slit her throat.

Correction: Will was certainly making an attempt to rescue Elizabeth. He was simply watching and waiting for the right opportunity to rescue her. He certainly wasn't just going to charge in there during the ritual against dozens of armed and deadly pirates.

Corrected entry: Elizabeth and Jack are seen coming ashore on the island soaking wet, but in the very next shot Elizabeth's hair is completely dry. Granted, this could be a while later, but Elizabeth's frantic questioning about how Jack got off the island last time seems to be something she'd ask right away.


Correction: Time has lapsed in between the shots, this is clear because when they first get to the island Jack is wearing his boots and vest, but when they are wandering around in the next shot his boots, vest and his accessories are all gone.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, no one seems to think it's strange that Will is wearing a hat that's 100 years out of date.


Correction: Given all the jokes about hats throughout the film, it's more than likely that this could just be one of them.

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Corrected entry: During the ship battle between The Interceptor and the Black Pearl, the mast of The Interceptor falls upon the Black Pearl after being blown apart near the bottom. However, right before The Interceptor is shown exploding into smithereens, the mast is back on, and the ship looks perfectly intact.

Correction: The Interceptor has two masts. The mainmast and the mizzen just behind the first. When the Black Pearl attacks, the mainmast falls but the mizzen is intact. By that reason seems like "the mast is back on, and the ship looks perfectly intact".

Corrected entry: If Will's father took the medallion out to send to Will, he wouldn't have the curse because he didn't take it out in greed, in which case he would have drowned when the cannon was tied to his feet, and from what I've seen here, every one is convinced he was alive.

Correction: Will's father took the gold out of greed like all the other pirates, so would have been affected by the curse. Once he found out about the curse, he felt that it was justified because of what they did to Jack - they broke the code - so he sent the medallion to Will so that his fellow pirates couldn't break the curse.

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Corrected entry: In the scene in which Elizabeth and Jack get out of the water in the small island, look at her back. You can see the strap of a brassiere through her dress, although that kind of underwear was not invented until the beginning of the 1900s.

Correction: It's a seam in her dress, not underwear.

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Corrected entry: You will have to stay past the credits to see this one. The monkey swims back to shore, but you can see that he is just walking on a platform about a foot below the water.

Sol Parker

Correction: There is no platform visible. The water is probably very shallow there.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: After Elizabeth has first seen the crew of the Black Pearl in the moonlight and she runs back to Barbossa who steps gradually into the moonlight to reveal himself in his skeleton form, his teeth change. The teeth on the skeleton Barbossa are noticeably straighter and whiter than his human form.


Correction: Surely the point is that EVERYTHING about the cursed pirates, including clothing and facial hair, changes?

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Orlando Bloom is imprisoned in the Black Pearl, one of the pirates tells him that they attached a cannon to Bootstrap Bill's bootstraps. However Bootstrap Bill was cursed as well, since he had a piece of gold which he sent to his son. Since he was cursed he couldn't die and could have escaped. He could still be alive.

Correction: The pirates never actually say they killed him or that he died. All they say is they strapped him to a cannon and dropped him in the ocean.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Jack shoots Barbossa, there are words to the effect of "Your last shot and you wasted it". Then, Will replies: "No, he didn't", revealing the curse was broken. This takes about 15-20 seconds but when Barbossa opens his coat to reveal his wound there is only a slight bit of blood. Only then does the blood start to flow on his shirt. Of course it was shot this way to increase the dramatic effect of the scene, but it's still a mistake.

Correction: As can be seen before (e.g. when Barbosa shoots one of the pirates to see if the curse is broken), the cursed pirates don't bleed very much from gun wounds. So Barbosa doesn't bleed at first, because Will Turner breaks the curse AFTER he says "no, he didn't". Barbosa starts bleeding then because he's mortal again and because the wound is still existing (it would have vanished if he had become a skeleton again in the moonlight, but he didn't do that before the curse was broken).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack first pulls a sword on Will in the blacksmith's shop, Jack's blade is a hand-to-hand short sword...about 18" in blade length. However, when they begin fighting, Jack has a standard 32" blade length pirate cutlass.

Correction: The blade looks shorter in the early shots because the camera angle foreshortens it. It's always the same length.

Corrected entry: Why would the entire crew leave a ship at full sail (the Interceptor) to board a ship at half sail (the Dauntless)? Presumably the ship at full sail would be still moving.

Sol Parker

Correction: This one has already been corrected. The sails of the Interceptor are turned so as not to catch any wind.

Corrected entry: There's a big problem in the end, when Barbosa is shot. At the time he is shot, the curse is not yet broken, but Will breaks it by throwing the coins back with blood on them. Then Barbosa feels the shot, and dies. But why doesn't all the pirates on board of the Dauntless die? They have been shot and cut with swords before the curse was broken, just like Barbosa.

Correction: Debatable point. While Barbosa's definitely shot before the two coins are dropped back in the chest, it could be argued that the moon plays an important part. As seen when the pirates have a bomb thrown at them then are shoved out of the moonlight, the lack of moonlight seems to regenerate skin over their bones. It's not just an illusion - they're either solid or skeletal depending on moonlight or not. Therefore it could be argued that injuries they receive when skeletal are repaired when they go out of moonlight. Any injuries they receive when solid don't affect them because they're cursed - we never see the effect of an uncursed solid injury except on Barbosa. Therefore because he's wounded and then the curse is lifted, when he's not under the "healing" moon, any recently incurred injuries have their full lethal consequences.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene after the two boats fight against each other, the boat blows up on one side. When Will gets onto the pirate boat, he gets on the other side. It would have taken Will much longer to swim to the pirate boat, and climb up the other side.

Correction: An indefinite amount of time passes between these happenings, otherwise it would be true that Will would have no time to swim that far. Remember, the Black Pearl had to get that far away too.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Will Turner is trapped in the ship's hold and the water rises to the roof, leaving him no air. When we see the ship from the outside the deck is six feet above the water. So the water in the hold is six feet higher than the ocean.

Correction: The leak was caused by a break in the ship from the starboard anchor, the pressure of both the anchor and the water getting in through the break would have caused the ship to tilt to the right which was the far side of the battle. That would therefore make the left side of the boat (the place of the battle) higher then the starboard side which would mean more water was in the ship then it appeared.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Will is trapped in the hold of the ship, before it blows up, you can see the emergency air hose between two planks of wood (possibly barrels, but they seemed pretty flat to me).


Correction: I looked really hard for this when I saw the film at the cinema for the second time, all I could see was a piece of rope.

Corrected entry: When Jack is escaping the British in the beginning, he swings away on a rope and we see him land on a plank. But he lands with his arms separated, something he wouldn't be able to do when he is wearing handcuffs.

Correction: The cuffs have a very long chain between them, so he could have his hands fairly well separated.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Barbosa ans Jack Sparrow are fighting, Will and Elizabeth stop their fighting and watch from a distance. However, during one shot of the scene, Will and Elizabeth can be seen above leaning over a railing watching Jack and Barbosa act out their scene. When the shot switches back, they are back standing at a distance.

Correction: They're not leaning on a railing, they're both holding the pole which Elizabeth just used to hit a pirate with. They're also the same distance away, it just looks different because of the angle of each shot.

Corrected entry: When Jack Sparrow first enters the cave, (during the sacrifice ritual of Elizabeth) everyone is shocked to see him because he was 'supposed to be dead'. But earlier in the film 2 crew members found him in his jail cell. Surely the 2 would have told everyone about the surprising encounter?

Correction: The crewmembers found him alive in his cell, but left him there to be hanged in the morning. Even if they told the rest of the crew, they'd still believe him dead.

Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is taken aboard the Black Pearl, she dines with Barbossa. Barbossa explains about the curse, saying that the gods placed a terrible curse upon the treasure of Cortez. He is quoted saying: 'Any MORTAL who takes but a single piece from that stone chest, shall be punished for all eternity.' But, when the moonlight shines on the little monkey, he too is a skeleton. Monkeys aren't mortals, so how can the little fellow be cursed?

Correction: Mortal is any thing that can die. The monkey, just like the pirates, is mortal and would (if the curse had not happened) have died like any other living thing.


Corrected entry: When the crew of the Black Pearl are taking over the boat outside their cave, and one of the crew member's arm is ripped off, it is still in the bone form, even when it is in the cabin of the ship where moonlight cannot reach.

Correction: This has been corrected before, the entire cabin is lit by ambient moonlight.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the scene when Captain Barbosa is explaining to Elizabeth about the curse he pours white wine into his glass. After he goes on to the dock and drinks the wine, the wine we see dripping through his skeleton is red.

Correction: He grabs a different wine bottle.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: If Jack is under the curse, then how could he bleed on the coin when he cut his hand and then throws it into the chest?

AzN InVasian

Correction: The undead pirates do still bleed. In an earlier scene when Elizabeth stabs Barbossa with the kitchen knife and then pulls it out, there's blood on the blade.

Corrected entry: When Jack Sparrow dives off the plank of the Black Pearl after his pistol and sword, his hands are tied. Yet when he finds them in the ocean, his hands are untied, and he grabs them with one hand.

Correction: His hands are in fact still tied, and he uses two hands to pick up his belongings.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Elizabeth falls off the cliff because of the tightness of her corset, one of the soldiers remarks about how lucky she was to have missed the rocks. However, at the end of the movie, when Jack Sparrow is giving is farewell speech and jumps off the same area, there are no rocks in the water.

Correction: This could be tidal - the rocks might be completely underwater at high tide, but visible at low tide.

Corrected entry: Elizabeth falls from the edge of the property into the harbor at the beginning of the film. We see this from different angles, including in the distance from behind Jack Sparrow. Once she hits the water, he says to the British guards "Are either one of you going to get her?" All he heard was a splash and did not turn to see the disturbed water until after she fell. How did Sparrow know it was a "her", or a person at all for that matter?

Correction: Just a moment before Norrington shouted "Elizabeth!", so Jack simply had good ear and was smart enough to guess what this splash was.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elizabeth first finds out about the skeletal remains, she is thrown onto the wheel deck with a pirate who is chasing her, She rotates the wheel rapidly and breaks off the head of the pirate, but the ship never changes course.

Correction: The wheel turns freely, indicating that the linkage has been disconnected (part of the work the pirates were doing?). Anyway, that's why the ship does not change course: the wheel is not connected to the rudder.

Corrected entry: The Pirate Captain dies, falls down, and an apple falls from his left hand. But he was holding a pistol in that hand as he died.

Correction: Barbossa drops both his pistol and sword, the he opens up his jacket to reveal the wound. Since he loved apples so much he probably had an apple in his pocket and tried to take a bite before he died. Furthermore, Barbossa is tossing the apple in his hand as he enters the cave for Will's sacrifice.

Corrected entry: The Commodore sails the smaller ship over to the Dauntless under full sails. He and the guards then board the Dauntless, leaving the smaller ship sitting motionless, with slack lines and a space between the ships, yet still under full sails.

Correction: The sails are turned so they are perpendicular to the wind direction. This is done if a ship needs to go to full sail quickly - just turn the sails to catch the wind, and off you go. There is a name for this, but I can't remember it.

Corrected entry: When they though that Elizabeth was a Turner and they needed her blood, she only got her hand cut. But when Will was about to shed his blood, it was his throat that was going to be cut. What's with the drastic change between the blood getting?


Correction: Barbossa says a bit earlier that they would take no chances and use all of his blood instead of a few drops. Another reason is that Elizabeth's company would have been pleasurable afterward whereas Will would just be a bother.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: British ships and ports erroneously fly the modern-day Union flag, a combination of St. George's, St. Andrew's, and St. Patrick's Crosses. In 1602, the Union flag was first developed; it contained the Cross of St. George (a red cross on a white field, representing England) superimposed onto the Cross of St. Andrew (a white X on a blue field, representing Scotland). St. Patrick's Cross (a white X on a red field) wasn't added until 1806.

Correction: The ships and the ports fly the Union Flag as it was from 1707 to 1806 with the cross of St George and St Andrew. St Patrick's cross is a red saltire (diagonal cross) on a white background.

Corrected entry: When Norrington and his men are waiting outside the caves for the pirates to row out, why do they not hear the gunfire from the battle happening on their ship? It is not until one of the dying crew members rings a bell that they notice the gunfire from the ship and row back to join the fight.

Correction: They're near cliffs with waves breaking against them and their eyes are focused on the cave. Anyone who's spent time near the ocean knows that breakers are loud. Even once they notice the gunfire, it's more the flashes than the muted sounds that tell them what's happening. Careless of the soldiers, but plausible.

Corrected entry: If the pirates cannot eat, there is no reason for them to have so much food stocked on their ship unless they want to make themselves suffer even more.

Correction: They want to have plenty of food on hand for when they eventually break the curse.

Corrected entry: When Jack Sparrow dives off the plank of the Black Pearl to retrieve his pistol, he is wearing boots. While he is swimming down, he is bare-footed. When he pushes off on a rock to return to the surface, he has his boots on again.

Correction: If you look closely as he is swimming down to retrieve his pistol, you can see the folded tops of his boots which are lighter than the color of his boots.

Corrected entry: When the Cursed Pirates are invading the Town to retrieve the Aztec Gold from Elizabeth, William runs outside and begins fighting back. He throws what appears to be a small axe into the back of one of the Pirates, then the Pirate stops and falls to the ground motionless. You can only assume that he was dead. However, later on in the film it explains that Pirates under the Curse cannot die, or feel anything for that matter.

Correction: The pirate didn't die. He reappears at least twice. Right before Will is knocked out (when the pirates are leading Elizabeth to the ship), a pirate throws a bomb at him that doesn't explode. Will looks confused when he sees that pirate, because it is the same one he threw his hatchet at. That same pirate is one of the three that Will and Elizabeth kill in the final battle in the cave. As for why he fell over and appeared dead even though the wound wouldn't affect him, maybe he was stunned since he didn't see it coming.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the pirates are raiding the Governor's house and a pirate goes after Elizabeth, she tries to fight back by dumping the hot coals from her bed warmer to burn the pirate. He then says "It burns." Since he is cursed, wouldn't he not be able to feel the heat from the coals?

AzN InVasian

Correction: It's likely that he did feel the heat from the coals. As has already been mentioned his wooden eye was irritating him a lot making it seem like part of the curse was that they shall never feel pleasure but still feel pain


Corrected entry: When the pirates start to walk under water to attack the other ship you can see the large black guy in the front line. In the next scene however he is shown to have stayed back at the cave.

Sheridan Whiteside

Correction: There are three black pirates. The one who likes explosives (that Will hits with the axe in the first pirate fight); he stays in the cave. The one with dreadlocks (who threatened Jack in his cell) and the really huge one (with the scars; the one who hit Elizabeth) both "take a walk."

Corrected entry: How could Will Turner get out of the ship before it explodes, swim all the way to the Black Pearl, and climb up it in the little amount of time he did it in?

Correction: An indefinite amount of time passes between the barrels of powder being lit and the ship exploding. The Black Pearl had time to sail some distance away and tie up the prisoners, so Will may have had time to swim to the Pearl

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie the pirates that fell upon the curse change into skeletal form, whilst they are skeletons they still have earrings, this is impossible because the earrings go through the flesh but while as skeletons they have no flesh at all so the earrings shouldn't be there. Instead the ears appeared to be made out of bone with that pierced instead, this can not be true because the ear is made out of cartilage which shouldn't show as its not bone, and even if it is, the part of the ear they have pierced is the fleshy part not the cartilage.

Correction: Many of the pirates still have flesh when they are in moonlight. Geoffrey Rush still has a nose.

Corrected entry: When Barbosa is outside on the deck talking to Elizabeth, his hat is shading his forehead and his eyes from the moonlight, so they should be shown as normal human flesh, not skeleton.

Correction: His hat and the rest of his clothes are part of the curse as they are all shown rotting.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: After Elizabeth's dream scene, she gets up and opens the drawer of her bedside table to get the medallion out. She takes out a false bottom to reach it, and the real bottom holding the medallion is full of dust. It shouldn't be dusty with the fake one over it.

Correction: Unless the false bottom was absolutely 100 percent airtight (unlikely), dust would find a way to get in anyway. Ask any housekeeper who has to take care of seldom-used items in drawers.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: If having the treasure means that you're cursed then why weren't Keira Knightly or Orlando Bloom ever cursed?

Correction: Because Will's father originally GAVE him the medallion -- Will didn't take it from the hoard with the intention of keeping it. Captain Jack Sparrow, by contrast, couldn't resist taking one from the chest for himself (or does it deliberately to protect himself) and winds up under the influence of the curse because of it.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Port Royal, Jamaica, is built on a low spit of sand south of Kingston Harbor, nowhere more than about ten feet above sea level. The movie set has it built atop hundred-foot basaltic cliffs.

Forrest Wilkinson

Correction: Even if the city IS meant to represent Port Royale, Jamaica, its look is not inaccurate. It is true that modern-day Port Royale is much different, but that is due to the earthquake of June 7, 1692 that destroyed the original Port Royale and sank it beneath the waves, altering the island's geography significantly. The time period of the movie is before the earthquake, when Port Royale was still a thriving buccaneer haven.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Before Captain Sparrow and William steal a ship they are walking underwater with a boat over their heads. When they get onboard and are preparing to set sail, they are perfectly dry, clothes and all.

Correction: If you look carefully, their clothes are still damp (especially the back of Will). They have also obviously spent some time tying up the rudder with the rope and barrel that Will steps into enroute to the ship; that time combined with the sun will have dried their clothes a little.

Alison Sleigh

Corrected entry: Jack Sparrow doesn't appear to be much older than Will Turner, so how could he have been captain of the Black Pearl before we first see Will as a boy floating in the water?

Correction: Johnny Depp was born in 1963, and Orlando Bloom was born in 1977, so it is extremely possible for Captain Jack to be aboard The Black Pearl. Will was about 12 at the time, so Jack would have been in his mid twenties.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: In the final fight between the crew of the Black Pearl and the British soldiers, the wave of soldiers come off the lifeboat and one of the pirates yells something. In the top left of the shot, you can see one random soldier swinging his sword around at nothing.

Correction: If you look closely, the pirate that yells something ("Come on...") just came from below deck. The access stairwell to the lower decks is right in front of the staircase that leads to the helm. The pirate stepped left and forward of the staircase, so he is now at it side. The soldier in question is fighting someone, but that someone is simply blocked by the large end rail of the staircase. His arm can be swinging just for a split second as he is fighting back.

Corrected entry: During the end sequence when Captain Jack swims towards the Black Pearl and is pulled aboard, his hair is awfully dry for being just pulled out of the water.

AzN InVasian

Correction: He's a pirate. He's dirty and rarely bathes. I'm willing to bet his hair is "gross"(for lack of a better term). its oily. oil repels water. And, his hair is braided and such, which never really looks wet, just darker. And most importantly, he has dark hair. I know from experience that dark hair rarely looks wet, even if it is.

Corrected entry: When Will lets Elizabeth go in the cave, he says something about her fiancé. How does he knows about it? He was never told.


Correction: Will knew before hand when he was about to be killed by Barbossa. Jack wanders in and talks about how they were all men of their word and how Elizabeth is all set to marry Norrington.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: In the scene towards the end when Jack and Will are surrounded by the guards, Norrington has his sword up against Will's right cheek. The next shot is one of Elizabeth, and when it flashes back, Norrington's sword is by Will's left cheek.

Correction: At first the sword is on his right cheek. Then Norrington takes a step forward and says, "you forget your place." Then the sword is on his left cheek. During his step he could have moved the sword to the other side to remind Will that his sword was still at his neck.

Corrected entry: Why are the pirates so worried about Kiera Knightly dropping the medallion over the side of the ship? If she did, they could simply walk across the ocean floor and easily recover it.

Correction: The pirates could simply be nervous of having to go through all the effort of finding a very small medallion in a pretty big bay. The currents could move it around and it would take awhile to find, whereas if they make her give it to them it would be a lot easier.

Corrected entry: In general, sailors of both legitimate and illegal trades in that time period didn't know how to swim--for one, they thought it bad luck, and for another it was a waste of energy (if they went overboard at sea and the ship couldn't fetch them before they sank, they'd be dead before they could reach shore). Also, at the end, when Sparrow starts to swim to the Pearl, he does a freestyle (Australian Crawl) stroke. That method of swimming wasn't invented until the 1800's - it's called the Australian Crawl for a reason. Had he known how to swim, Sparrow would have done a breast stroke (hands in front, push forward and out) to get to his ship.


Correction: This doesn't mean that no pirate ever learned how to swim. It sounds like the kind of thing Jack would know, and as for him doing an Australian Crawl-- is it so hard to believe he could have come up with it on his own? People swim any way they want.

Corrected entry: How did Will know his father was dead? Sparrow had been dumped overboard prior to his death (because Turner had the cursed treasure, which was post-Sparrow), and I can't imagine Barbossa writing a letter of condolence to the boy and his mother.


Correction: He doesn't know, which is why he moved to the Caribbean to find his father.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elizabeth is escaping from the Dauntless, she climbs out of the window located in the back of the ship. She makes a rope out of a collection of sheets, and lands in a rowboat and rows away. Escaping out of the window with the sheets makes perfect sense, but where did the rowboat come from if she was in the back of the ship?

Correction: In the old days it was perfectly normal for a ship to tow a rowboat behind it. Some sailing ships still do it to this day. It was a matter of available space.


Corrected entry: During the final fight between Jack and Barbossa, they both receive mortal wounds (a sword to the gut and a gunshot). Why then does Jack's wound not kill him when the curse is gone, yet Barbossa's wound stays with him?

Correction: Barbossa's gunshot wound happens essentially simultaneously to the curse being lifted. Previous damage does not "catch up to" the characters.


Corrected entry: Every time the moon comes out from behind the clouds at night, it is a full moon. However, since the movie takes place over the course of several days, the moon should not stay in the same phase the whole time.

Correction: When the moon first appears (the night when the Pearl is attacking the British port), it is obviously several phases away from a full moon. Also, the story takes place over just a few days, so the moon would appear very close to full throughout most of the movie.

Corrected entry: When Elizabeth is being made to walk the plank, Barbossa makes her give back the dress. When he takes it, he says "It's still warm" yet he he's not supposed to be able to feel because of the curse.

Correction: He was making a joke. It's as simple as that.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Jack Sparrow uses the handcuffs to slide down the rope, if his hands were bound, and the rope was tied at the end, how did he get off and how did he get onto the rope in the first place?

AzN InVasian

Correction: He folds the chain in half and flips the loop over the rope and grabs the loop (the middle of the chain) to slide down the rope. His hands are still bound, but the chain is long enough to do this.


Corrected entry: After Elizabeth wakes up and opens her drawer to find the medallion; when she raises the false bottom of the drawer the medallion is dusty, but when she picks it up it is shiny and clean.

Correction: The medallion starts out dusty, but as Elizabeth takes it out of the drawer she wipes it off. That's why it becomes shiny and clean.

Corrected entry: When Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush are fighting on the Isla de Muerta and Depp is stabbed, he stumbles back into the moonlight and you can see his skeleton form because he's holding the gold - he's under the curse. However, this never occurs in the beginning scenes of the film when Elizabeth wears the amulet and steps into the moonlight.

Correction: The curse only affects those who steal the gold coins directly from the aztec chest, which is why Will is unaffected by it when his father sends it to him and why Elizabeth is unaffected by the curse when she takes the coin from Will, to protect him from her father who might mistake him for a pirate. Jack steals the coin, probably hoping for the curse to protect him, since he knows a great battle is coming.

Corrected entry: When Jack and Will have the canoe over their heads and are underwater, the water would have rushed into the boat from underneath.

Correction: Not at all - hold an empty glass upside down and submerge it in a sink full of water - the air pressure keeps the majority of the water out, provided the glass isn't tilted.

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Jack Sparrow: Who makes all these?
Will Turner: I do. And I practice with them... Three hours a day.
Jack Sparrow: You need to get yourself a girl, mate. Or perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you've already found one and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you?



Just as Jack says, "On deck, you scabrous dogs," to the very left edge of the screen over Jack's shoulder is a grip crew member with a tan cowboy hat, white short sleeve tee shirt and sunglasses, just standing there looking out to sea.



Johnny Depp uses the phrase "Interesting..." as his trademark, in many of the movies he stars in, including Sleepy Hollow. He uses it in PotC when Koehler's skeletal hand tries to grab him in prison.