Shark Attack 3: Megalodon
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Davis: Oh, I like her.
Freidman: Davis, you like anything with a pair of tits man.
Davis: That's true.
Freidman: It is.
Davis: But you're the assman, remember? And you'd... do anything for that ass.
Freidman: Fucking A right man.
Davis: Haha! C'mooon.

Esai 'Sy': You're going to get us into trouble. Again.
Ben Carpenter: Look, don't worry about it.
Esai 'Sy': Again.
Ben Carpenter: I said don't worry about it.

Revealing mistake: When the megalodon appears, Ben shoots a flare into the sky, which catches the attention of Hector who is flying in the chopper. In the exterior shot of Hector's reaction, there is a reflection of a fence on the side of the chopper, even though Ben signaled for help while out in the ocean.

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