Dead Man on Campus

Plot hole: While planting the suicide gear in the bathroom before Buckley comes in, Cooper tells Josh to tie the rope into a noose as they go to hide in the shower. Josh replies that he doesn't even know how to tie a noose. He must be a quick study, because in the 45 seconds or so that it would have taken Buckley to relieve himself and wash his hands, Josh has tied a perfect noose. (01:03:55)


Plot hole: When Josh is spraying the trees outside of Buckley's apartment, he turns to Rachel, and she says "Josh?" How could she recognize him from 20 feet away when he was wearing a full body hazmat suit and a gas mask? (01:00:10)


Plot hole: In his mad dash from the security guard at the Mental Health Facility, Cooper drops about 90% of the file folders he had taken. Yet he somehow manages to hold onto the files for the main people they were photographing earlier in the film. You can argue that he guarded those files better, but then why bother grabbing so many "expendable" files in the first place? It just seems like a cheap plot device. (00:42:30)


Continuity mistake: When Josh and Cooper break into the Mental Health Facility, we see the entire pane of glass broken out and falling towards the camera. In the next shot, we still hear Cooper breaking away glass, and when Josh flips the window up, broken glass still remains in the frame, even though the whole pane was gone. (00:39:55)


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Cliff: Who wants to do a bong... how about you.

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