Dead Man on Campus

Continuity mistake: When Josh is hurriedly filling out his mid-term exam, he fills in an answer for 3, then in a long shot we see him scribbling in at least 2-3 more answers, but in the next close up, he is just filling in 4.



Continuity mistake: When Josh and Cooper break into the Mental Health Facility, we see the entire pane of glass broken out and falling towards the camera. In the next shot, we still hear Cooper breaking away glass, and when Josh flips the window up, broken glass still remains in the frame, even though the whole pane was gone.



Continuity mistake: When Josh is on the phone with his mom and Cooper interrupts, the door and hallway change. When Cooper first barges in, the door appears to be very light in color, and a door and light fixture are visible in the hall. Less than a minute later, when Josh opens the door, the door is a much darker wood color, the door across the hall has been replaced with a column and molding, and the light fixture has moved quite a bit from where it was.



Continuity mistake: When Buckley is spooked by Josh and Cooper and runs from the bathroom, there is a shot inside the room as Josh and Cooper run out. This shot is from inside Buckley's room, not the bathroom.



Continuity mistake: When Josh and Cooper first confront Buckley, you can see snow covering the ground outside the window. When Buckley runs out of the building and Josh and Cooper watch from the window, he is running across a lush green lawn.



Continuity mistake: When Cooper is getting pitchers at the bar, his jacket and shirt are closed and he has his wallet in his left hand. The skeptical bartender asks what is on his shirt, and when the shot changes, the jacket and shirt are now open, revealing a college logo on the shirt underneath. Cooper quickly closes the jacket with his empty left hand, without appearing to set his wallet down or put it away.



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While planting the suicide gear in the bathroom before Buckley comes in, Cooper tells Josh to tie the rope into a noose as they go to hide in the shower. Josh replies that he doesn't even know how to tie a noose. He must be a quick study, because in the 45 seconds or so that it would have taken Buckley to relieve himself and wash his hands, Josh has tied a perfect noose.



This movie is based on a popular Urban Legend, as was another 1998 movie, The Curve/Dead Man's Curve. See: