Dead Man on Campus

Audio problem: When the crowd is gathering around Cliff after he falls from the balcony, you can hear a lot of the same background dialog being looped over and over. Some of the easier ones to spot are guys yelling "Right there, man." and "Where is it?" and a girl yelling "Stop." Those three can be heard distinctly at least three times. (01:08:10)


Audio problem: In the high speed chase scene, Cliff pulls a gun out of the glove box and fires several rounds at the police, which showed a bright muzzle flash. We hear Cliff fire another barrage of shots out the window, but he is not pulling the trigger, and there is no muzzle flash. (00:54:00)


Audio problem: When the teacher is collecting the mid-term exams, he takes one from a student and says "Thank you," then says "Papers..." to the class, but his lips don't move. (00:25:40)


Plot hole: While planting the suicide gear in the bathroom before Buckley comes in, Cooper tells Josh to tie the rope into a noose as they go to hide in the shower. Josh replies that he doesn't even know how to tie a noose. He must be a quick study, because in the 45 seconds or so that it would have taken Buckley to relieve himself and wash his hands, Josh has tied a perfect noose. (01:03:55)

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Cliff: Who wants to do a bong... how about you.

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Trivia: This movie is based on a popular Urban Legend, as was another 1998 movie, The Curve/Dead Man's Curve. See:

J I Cohen
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