Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Other mistake: When the Angels are in the bar in Mongolia, and Alex is trying to get out of the trapdoor with Ray Carter, a guy falls over the trapdoor entrance. When Dylan tries to move him, and sits down on top of him, the trapdoor falls in. Wouldn't that crush Alex and Ray Carter? (00:04:55)

Other mistake: When rescuing Ray Carter in Mongolia, the Angels take a truck and drive it off a bridge. Problem is this is a modern U.S. Army truck - what's it doing in Mongolia? (00:06:55)

Grumpy Scot

Other mistake: In the scene where Bosley is driving the truck into the O'Grady's workyard he is stopped by a man who asks him for I.D. The man says that he has never seen a black Irishman before, but he says this in a Scottish accent. Surely working for an Irish gang he should be Irish?

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