Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Trivia: None of the Angels carry or use guns in this sequel because actress Drew Barrymore is a known gun control advocate.

Trivia: When Demi Moore shoots the speaker box, the portraits seen behind her are of previous Angels from the TV series. (01:19:25)


Trivia: Notice the name of the high school on the envelope that contains Pete's reunion invitation; it reads "Rydell High", an obvious Grease reference.

Trivia: The orphanage scene was filmed at the Playboy Mansion. No wonder some children are caught reading that magazine.

Dr Wilson

Trivia: The actress who plays Kelly Garrett is one of the original Angels from the television series, Jaclyn Smith. (01:12:45)

Trivia: In the credits at the end of the film, watch through the out-takes until it comes to the one of Lucy Liu saying, "I think we should get to the lab and analyse it right away." Look at the credits at the right hand side. The second paragraph says- Madison's Minions: Russel Bobbit, Charles Townsend and Al Kahn. Charles Townsend one of Madison Lee's minions? Looks like Charlies swapped sides on the angels.

Trivia: The song that is playing while angels are going into the crime scene is The Who's "Who Are You," which is also the theme song for the TV show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." (00:19:20)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the Angels are rescuing the US Marshall, Lucy Liu is wearing stiletto heeled boots. When they jump out of the window, the heels are square. (00:01:30 - 00:06:40)

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Charles Townsend: Bosley, I hope the Angels aren't being too rough on you.
Bosley: Man, please. I date fat women. What you talkin' 'bout?

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Answer: Bill Murray played the character of Bosley and it was no secret in terms of the gossip from the entertainment shows like Extra, Access Hollywood and so on that Bill and Lucy Liu did not get along. From what I heard this was the reason that Bill did not reprise his role in the second film and Bernie Mac took over as Bosley.

Tobin OReilly

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