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Corrected entry: In the beginning, the Mustang has a PA plate on the front and back. PA only requires one plate and it's on the back.

Correction: That's a minimum requirement. The law doesn't say you can't have a plate on the front as well.

Phixius Premium member

When states require only 1 plate, they do not issue 2 plates.


Corrected entry: Instead of all of them running across the porch and waking up the cannibals, they should've ran OFF into the dirt then around to the other side of the house.


Correction: That would probably be the best option but they were scared and had just seen their friend hacked up, etc., so were just taking the route that looked the easiest without thinking it through properly.


Corrected entry: After Chris, Jessie, Scott and Carley leave the house and run up the hill behind the house, they look back and see the two cannibals driving away in their truck. Both the cannibals are standing on platforms on the outside of the truck and you can see one of them banging on the roof. If they are both standing on platforms outside the truck and there are only two of them, who is driving the truck?

Correction: Because Three Finger, the third cannibal, is driving the truck (as we see later when the 4 (Carly, Scott, Jessie and Chris) are hidden behind the pile of abandoned cars and personal belongings).

Corrected entry: When Evan is killed, one of his ears is cut off. When four of the characters steal the mountain men's car, his body rolls out, and he has both ears.

Correction: No, he doesn't have both ears. Look closely and you'll clearly see his left ear is missing.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: When the trio has taken the yellow car from the mountain men they get stuck in the woods. The right light is switched off, a moment later it is switched on.

Correction: When the trio get stuck in the woods, both car lights are always on.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: After Chris meets up with the police officer and tells him that people are dead, the officer gets hit in the eye with an arrow with his hat on. When he falls to the floor, his hat is gone and not anywhere around him.


Correction: When watching this part, the hat is always in sight. When the hillbillie takes the policeman's keys and hauls the policeman into the trunk, the hat is always visible, not that far from his head.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: Chris's Mustang has a Pennsylvania license plate on the front of his car. Pennsylvania doesn't have a front plate.

Correction: I'm from Pennsylvania. No they dont, but it is still an option and I have seen it before.

Corrected entry: Chris and the two girls escape from the Hillbillies by stealing their yellow truck, and are forced to abandon it when the road is blocked. So how come at the end of the film the truck is parked back outside the house?

Correction: The hillbillies are very strong - the newspaper clippings at the beginning state that. They could probably get it out easily. Jessie and Chris hardly try - they have no time. They might even have been able to do it themselves if they didn't have the somewhat more pressing problem of escaping cannibal mutants.

Corrected entry: After Chris crashes into the other group's car, he and four members of the group head out on foot. Sure, Chris' car was banged up in the crash, but it definitely wasn't broke down. They could have just driven in his car.

Correction: The car was totalled at the front. You see it from the side, and the entire front is smashed. It probably wouldn't have started again, and if it did, it wouldn't have gone very far.

Corrected entry: By the end of the film, Chris is wounded, tired, and should be very weak. Yet he managed to hold himself under the car for many miles. A normal man would have tired out so much that he couldn't do it, let alone a man wounded and exhausted.


Correction: Yes Chris did have alot of problems, but it is quite possible that he had an adrenaline rush. Human beings can possess super-human powers when faced with life-or-death situations.

Its also worth noting that the site rules to cover a movie mistake are quite clear on suspension of belief.


Corrected entry: In the house scene, a female voice says "Chris, I think we should leave." It's definitely a woman's voice - but whose? Carly and her fiance can both be heard talking at the same time, and Jess is in shot, her mouth not moving at all.


Correction: The voice is of Jessie. She is in the other room and she tells Chris that they should leave.

Corrected entry: When Scott is killed he gets two arrows in his back which don't penetrate him completely and then one that does. But when he falls down there is one tall arrow (indicating that it didn't exit from front) and two lower (indicating that those two penetrated him) while it should be vise versa.

Correction: The first arrow didn't go in very deeply, the second went in deeply, but not all the way through and that is why the circle of blood starts to appear on his shirt. Then the third one goes completely through him.

Corrected entry: The freaks have been killing for a very long time, judging by the things that they have around their home and how old they look, and from the number of the cars, they've killed quite a lot of people. Why hadn't the police investigated all these disappearances in this area all these years?

Correction: Who's to say they didn't. They just didn't find anything.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the last male survivor meets up with the officer on the road and the freak kills the officer, you hear two doors shut on the Ram Charger after the freak loads the dead officer into it. As he drives off, you can see that the vehicle only has one door that lifts up, not two side-by-side doors.

Correction: The 2nd shutting sound is the sound of the tire rack being shut against the rear hatch door. We see the freak open it clear as day not 10 seconds before.

Corrected entry: In the observatory scene, when they just realize they're on fire, when the camera goes on Chris you can see the reflection of the cameraman on the window behind him.

Correction: The reflection is not of the cameramen but of the girls that are also in the observatory.

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