Wrong Turn

Plot hole: The fearless trio is in the watch tower when the hillbillies set fire to it. Realizing their fate if they stay, the three then jump out the window and onto nearby tree branches in order to escape the blaze. After escaping the towering inferno, it seems that the fire dies immediately. These three don't go far after jumping and are in the trees for some time. Shouldn't there be a great glow and lots of noise and smoke from the fire as the watch tower burns down? (00:53:45 - 00:56:00)

Plot hole: In the end, the old timer sees the truck approaching and gets up and closes the door and acts as if he's scared. As we learned in part 2, these hillbillies are related to each other. Considering he knows the yellow truck, why does he act afraid? (01:16:15)


Plot hole: When they were in the cabin looking around, they all saw personal belongings, sets of car keys, the barbed wire, people's teeth, body parts, yet they all decide to leave after Carly sees the body in the tub.


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