Pet Sematary II

Factual error: "You bury your own." If Clyde was buried by Gus, why did he come back to life?

Factual error: When Gus brings Renee's body over to Jeff, notice her feet. Shes been dead for a while yet her skin is normal color as if she was alive.


Continuity mistake: Right after the bully has been killed by the motorcycle, in the wide shot, everything from his forehead to his chest is a totally mangled, disgusting mess. A little while later, though, in the close-up, his face, although bloody, is completely intact and recognisable.


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Trivia: Originally Stephen King's name was included with the opening credits; but after seeing a rough cut of the film, he hated it so much he demanded that his name by taken off the film, and all advertisements.

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