Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II (1992)

Ending / spoiler

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Chase finds Jeff in the attic with the undead Renee, he wants Jeff to stay away from her. She sends Jeff downstairs. An undead Clyde arrives, armed with an axe. Renee locks them all in and eventually pulls out the doorknob and sets the attic on fire. Clyde is about to kill Jeff with an ice skate, but Jeff kills him by shoving a severed insulated cable in his mouth, his head explodes. Renee begins to melt. Jeff tries escape with his father while Renee begs him to stay with her, she says "dead is better." Jeff and Chase escape and Renee dies. One day later, Jeff and Chase move out for Los Angeles.

Gus Gilbert

Revealing mistake: When the kids are burying Gus, his supposedly dead face flinches when they shovel dirt on him.

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Gus Gilbert: You bury your own.

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Trivia: Originally Stephen King's name was included with the opening credits; but after seeing a rough cut of the film, he hated it so much he demanded that his name by taken off the film, and all advertisements.

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