Any Which Way You Can

Corrected entry: Orville and Ma both race all the way to Bakersfield to warn Philo that the bad guys are on their way to get him. They knew exactly where he was going to be - why not warn him with a simple phone call instead of going through all the trouble of racing nearly 100 miles to warn him in person?

Correction: They're assuming that the bad guys would cut the phone lines to the motel, or they may not know its phone number.

Andy Benham Premium member

Deliberate mistake: At the end fight scene, when they are in the barn one of the men falls crashes through the wall when they get hit, spilling the fight to the outside. Unless the barn's walls were made of cheap plywood, the wall would not have given away so easily. Obviously done for dramatic purposes.

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Orville Boggs: Philo... Jordan said he'd give us 200 big ones if we scrap that Merc for him.
Philo Beddoe: Great. Clyde? Scrap the Merc.
Orville Boggs: Come on, Clyde! You got work to do.

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