Corrected entry: When Billy is shot through the hand by Lempke's daughter, you can see the wound is red. When he goes to sleep a close-up of his hand is shown, and the projectile apparently has gone right through it, leaving a nasty hole. How could the wound be red (without a hole) first?

Correction: If you look very close when she shoots his hand (go in slow mo, or frame by frame) you can see that a hole does appear, it is just that the angle we see his hand doesn't show it very well, and all the blood that came out the wound covers it up quite a bit too.

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Corrected entry: Lempke saves Billy by putting his curse into a pie. Lempke warns Billy that somebody has to eat the pie. But when Billy returns home, he obviously has healed a bit. So why is it necessary that somebody eats the pie, since Billy already seems to be cured from the curse?

Correction: Lempke says to Billy that he will regain weight immediately. But if he doesn't give the pie to someone else soon, the curse will come back. I assume that this is done to prevent Billy droping dead on the spot due to heart failure (And, of course, to give the end of the film an extra twist).

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