Corrected entry: When we see the crew setting up to follow Ed around, they put a camera into the rear-view mirror of his car. When he runs away in the middle of the night to visit Sherri why don't they just go to the feed from this camera instead of chasing after him?


Correction: The broadcast van has to be close to the camera so they can broadcast the feed. The antenna from the camera probably isn't very powerful.

Corrected entry: When Sherry is hiding in the toilets and Ed comes in, you see a shot of one of the camera crew lower his camera to try and get a shot of Sherry, and you see that her legs aren't on the ground. But when the film cuts to inside the toilet, you can see Sherry's feet aren't lifted off the ground. In each shot inside the toilet her feet are down, but they aren't visible in shots outside the toilet.

Correction: Sherry is sitting on the tank on the back of the toilet, with her feet on the seat. All public toilets don't have tanks, but these apparently do.

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Cynthia: We don't even have money in our budget for coffee filters. We're using a yarmulke.



When Ed and Sherry get back together, you see a few shots of Rita, Sherry's roommate, watching them on TV and she's wearing a red top. Then about two minutes later, when Ed starts the contest you see another shot of her but she's now wearing different clothes, green dungarees and a grey jacket. Then later on just before Edtv is cut off, she's wearing different clothes again. Why would she change three times in one day?



Pointless mention, but took me by surprise. About half way through the film, a guy called Shane tries to get Ed to listen to his band's tape. He's played by Christian Kane, who went on to play Lindsay in "Angel". Yeah, minor point, but I'm an Angel fan, so it was interesting to me.