The Italian Job

Corrected entry: When the Mini Coopers leave the sewer pipe, the lead car jumps out of the pipe and lands on its nose and then carries on undamaged. Mini Coopers have flimsy thin plastic front bumpers and would shatter in that kind of impact.

Correction: That's because Wrench fixed up the cars to take that kind of damage.

Corrected entry: The Mini Coopers do not drive into/past any turnstyles when entering the LA subway.

Correction: Subway stations in LA do not have turnstyles.

Corrected entry: After the Italian Job, when the men are in the mountains celebrating, they are supposedly surrounded by snow, but oddly enough when they talk, you can't see their breath. This is repeated a few minutes later after they get out of the icy water.

Correction: Coming from Fargo, ND I know for a fact that just because there is snow everywhere doesn't mean it it cold enough to see your breath. The air temperature could have been plenty warm, even with snow everywhere.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Minis jump out of the tunnel with the gold and Handsome Rob (in the white Mini) tells Left Ear to open his door, they take-out one of the motorcycle guys. The door gets ripped off in the collision. For the rest of the movie the white Mini has an intact passenger door.

Correction: The motorcycle was coming toward the Mini, indicating that when he opened the door, it hit the front part making it slam back to the Mini.

Corrected entry: "The real Napster" is sleeping and his roommate supposedly steals the Napster program by ejecting a floppy disk and taking it. The problem is that no floppy could ever hold such a huge program. A CD might be able to, but at least 300 floppy disks would have to be used in order to actually transport Napster. One floppy disk can hold 1.36 megabytes, Napster is definitely much bigger than that.

Correction: The source code for Napster could very easily fit on a floppy disk.

Corrected entry: During the double cross when Edward Norton shoots Donald Sutherland, the others escape by driving off the bridge in their van. Under water, the survivors are using scuba gear to keep alive in the OPEN van under water, but no air bubbles are seen just above on the calm surface of the water. Since there were no air bubbles, Edward Norton is satisified that everyone under water is dead.

Correction: The air bubbles would rise to the surface INSIDE the van. And since the bottom inside of a car isn't as flat, as say glass, the bubbles couldn't travel up and out to the surface of the water. The air would be trapped inside the van, even if the doors are open.

Corrected entry: When Napster is puting the flag pin on Stella's chest, he says he had trouble putting the corsage on his prom date, but corsages go on your wrist for a girl, not your shoulder.

Correction: Actually you can buy either a pin-on or wrist corsage for a girl. There are no rules to the contrary.

Corrected entry: In the end, how come Lyle reveals to the world that he is the real Napster? He put it all over the screens in the traffic light operating place so they'd be looking to catch him for crashing their computers.

Correction: He doesn't reveal he's the real Napster, he just types "You'll never stop the real Napster." How would anyone know who sent that message to the command centre?

Corrected entry: With as much damage as the tail rotor of the helicopter caused to the Mini certainly the tail rotor would have been damaged quite a bit. That much damage would have caused it to lose a lot of yaw (side to side) control and cause an out of balance condition, but it continues to fly normally.

Correction: Not true. The helicopter lands fairly hard and is not flown again. Ed Norton then carjacks the SUV and follows Wahlberg in that.

Corrected entry: As Charlie walks by Wrench, he asks about the stuff on the table. Wrench tells him it's just extra engine parts. Apparently at least one Mini didn't need a starter motor, and one didn't need a crankshaft.


Correction: Extra engine parts implies just that, they were extra. He's not saying they were left over parts or parts needed for the Minis.


Corrected entry: When the gang celebrate in the Alps before Charlie's surprise, they're sipping Dom Perignon champagne straight from the bottles. It looks like they're drinking water as it's quite impossible to drink champagne from the bottle, the real stuff will foam heavily when it comes out [and especially in one's mouth]. (00:17:40)

Correction: It's possible they are drinking still wine (Dom Perignon does make this, they just don't sell it in the US). You can see into the bottles, they don't have bubbles on the sides. Also, it's possible that the carbonation has escaped by the time we see this scene in their party (we don't see them open the bottles, which seem to be half empty by now).


Corrected entry: The three Minis drive from street level into the subway entrance, down the stairs onto a platform and then on onto the rails. Can't be done - to get to the platform they'd have to get through (very, very solid) passenger turnstiles. There is no station in L.A. that doesn't have them.

Correction: Actually, there are currently no Metro Rail stations in Los Angeles County that have turnstiles. The system is considering installing them, but at the time the movie took place, it was a barrier-free system.


Corrected entry: When the three armoured trucks are entering Steve's house, you can see that all three are white. Later, when you get a shot from the helicopter, two of them are black and one is white. finally, while they are driving, you see a shot where they are all white again.

Correction: In the chopper shot, the two trucks aren't black, they are just in the tree's shadow.

Corrected entry: In the movie, when they get the new Minis, only one of them is a Mini Cooper S. After Wrench is done with them however, they are all Sses. Surely Wrench couldn't have gotten the exact Mini Cooper S parts, and wouldn't he have to change some of the decals, the S has some "S" only decals.

Correction: They are not all Cooper S models, its just the body kit from the Cooper S is used on the two standard Coopers and also here in the UK you can fit microchips that will raise the power of a standard MINI Cooper to that of a Cooper S. Another easy way to distinguish the two models is that the Cooper S has a large air intake on the hood for the supercharger. The Cooper lacks a supercharger and so also lacks the air intake.

Corrected entry: In a scene near the end of the film when Edward Norton's character is flying in the helicopter, you are shown a side view of the famous 'HOLLYWOOD' sign. However from the side the H and O are turned around so that the sign reads 'OHLLYWOOD'. In the next camera angle you see the letters straight on and they are correctly placed.

Correction: It only looks that way because the H is further back than the O, and it's filmed at an angle, so the H is visible through the gap between the O and the L.

Corrected entry: When Stella writes the safe combination on the wall she writes the numbers 7-17. The first 7 has a line through it, but in the number 17 the line is omitted. There should be a line through that seven as well. No one would write the first seven one way and the next a different way.

Correction: This is an assumption and not a mistake. I'm constantly switching back and forth between putting a line through my 7's and not doing it. Often my stand alone 7's get the line and a 7 with other numbers (like 17) don't. This is especially true when I'm not writing the numbers at the same time.


Factual error: The group is plunged into the icy water for at least several minutes wearing nothing but light jackets yet no one seems to be suffering from hypothermia in the slightest when they show up on shore.

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Left Ear: We're in Italy. Speak English.

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Trivia: Shawn Fanning plays himself in the flashback scene where Lyle describes how Fanning stole the Napster code from him while the two of them roomed together in college.

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Question: During the Venice boat chase at the beginning of the film, a large number of vessels are flying a flag which looks more like the flag of Mexico than that of Italy. Or are they perhaps flying the 'Kingdom of Italy' flag which looks similar from a distance to the Mexican National Flag? Can anyone help?

Answer: They are flying the Italian Civil Ensign, which is used by civilians on water. The emblem in the center of the Italian flag when used on water are the Arms Of Savoy, the former royal Family of Italy.

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