Finding Nemo

Easter egg: On the 2 disk collector version, go to Bonus Features. Arrow left once to highlight return arrow, hit down arrow to highlight fish in top right corner of the screen. Hit enter to see an ad for th Aqua Scum 2003.

U. D. Mann

Easter egg: On disc 1, go to Bonus features, select Visual Commentary, then select Visual Commentary Index, then from Play All hit the left button. You'll see a green fish and hear Bruce say something very sarcastic.

Easter egg: On disc 1, go to Setup, go to Subtitles, and hit the left arrow. You'll see a green fish. Hit Enter and hear Bruce say something funny.

Easter egg: Disc 1: Into the Bonus Features menu, hit left twice and highlight the bean shaped things on the plate coral. Not really an easter egg but a hidden option...

Easter egg: Disc 1: In the virtual aquarium menu, scroll down the list. When you highlight 'sandy reef', hit down to highlight the top fish box. Not really an easter egg but a hidden option which tells you how to use the fish boxes along the menus.

Easter egg: Disc 1: Go into the Bonus features menu, hit right to highlight the curve arrow, then hit down to highlight the top left space between the plate corals. You will find another short clip with Dory and Marlin.

Easter egg: In the 2nd disc, go into the Bonus features, then into Mr Ray's encyclopedia. Highlight the curved arrow on the WAY bottom of the screen, then hit down.

Easter egg: Really cute short of Dory and Marlin. On the second disk, go to the Behind the scenes sub-menu. Go into the behind the scenes submenu, highlight studio tour, but don't click it. Press the up button and there will be a highlighted fish. Click it. In the Region 4 DVD the invisible fish is in there, but it is underneath 'Character Interviews'. To get to it highlight the arrow on the bottom-right and push right on the remote, the fish will then highlighted.

Easter egg: Disc 1: Go into the Visual Commentary menu, and before hitting anything else, hit left to highlight the fish box, then hit up to highlight the anemone. You will find a short clip with Dory and Bruce.

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Gurgle: Oh, the human mouth is a disgusting place.



When the dentist wants to put Nemo in a bag, he has a Ziploc (a plastic bag with a zipper) but when he finally catches him, it has changed to a normal plastic bag.



The dentist's name, P. Sherman, is an homage to the many Filipino crew members, whose native accent made the English word 'fisherman' sound like P. Sherman.