S Club Seeing Double

S Club Seeing Double (2003)

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Corrected entry: Bradley tells Jon, Rachel and Hannah to meet the others at 'Mulholland Outlook'. During the press conference, Jon refers to it as 'Mulholland Lookout'.


Correction: Clearly a character's mistake - Jon just misremembered, or was nervous and mixed up his words.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when they have just come off stage, they are talking about firing Alastair. Just after Bradley says "Well we could manage ourselves I suppose," the camera cuts to a wide shot of the group and a camera man can be seen very in the background along with a crewmember.

Correction: That crewmember could have been working backstage at the gig.

Corrected entry: In the lyrics posted on the wall of the house where the clones live, the word "forget" is spelled "foret"

Correction: This entry should be in as a mistake, not as trivia.

Corrected entry: If the band has been cloned, wouldn't the clones be babies, not the age of the real band members?

Correction: They were grown in "accelerated growth pods", and so I assume Victor would have accelerated their growth until they were adults.