Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers (1993)

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Directed by: Nick Park

Starring: Peter Sallis

Genres: Animated, Comedy, Crime, Family, Short

Corrected entry: When Wallace is backing out of the spare room, leaving Gromit to continue decorating, he accidentally bumps into Feathers. But if you look when Wallace is backing out, Feathers is not there and he was not seen walking up to the room; he just appears.

Heather Benton Premium member

Correction: Feathers McGraw is a silent, sinister and notorious criminal mastermind of many faces who is capable of disguising himself as a chicken with just a rubber glove. Clearly he is capable of sneaking up on Wallace like that. The fact that he just "appears" was done deliberately.


Corrected entry: I know that there are lots of impossible things in the film that are there just for laughs, but Wallace and Gromit must have an incredibly long house, as illustrated in the chase scene towards the end of the film.

Correction: Self correcting mistake - impossible things, just for laughs. It's also a sendup of the infinite backgrounds used in hanna Barbarea cartoons, like The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo, and since it is deliberate it is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Wallace comes back in his techno-trousers the sheets are all crumbled up, the way they would be if a normal person got out of bed. But that's not how Wallace's invention works. In Wallace's invention, he slides out of bed and into his clothes, and the sheets remain spread over the bed.

Correction: The sheets are not all crumpled up, they are neatly folded across the coverlet to air out the bed. When Wallace enters from the bathroom he is wearing his pyjamas over The Wrong Trousers, so he has obviously visited his bedroom earlier, and during that visit he folded down the bedclothes.

Corrected entry: When Gromit is pouring tea at the start, the watch is not on his arm, but the next second it miraculously appears.

Correction: Gromit's birthday is coming up. He slips his watch on and off to show Wallace how worn out the strap is. He is (as we know from previous entries) hinting for a Rolex Oyster for his birthday and this is part of his subtle and devious strategy.

Corrected entry: The penguin can't see Gromit blink under the boxes. He also can't even see him looking under the covers from a few feet away. So now that we have clarified that he has ridiculously bad eyesight, how is it that he saw Wallace's tiny sign "Room to Let, Apply Within" that he put at the corner of his window?

Correction: Obviously Wallace did not just put up a tiny sign in the corner of his window to let people know he was letting a room. He will have put an advert in the local paper as well, and probably put one in a shop front window. It's perfectly reasonable to assume that Feathers had seen one of those adverts, after all, Gromit reads them later on.

Corrected entry: After Gromit enters the cupboard, the penguin turns the key to lock him in, and a fingerprint can be seen on his wing.

Correction: Nick Park and the brilliant creators of the Wallace and Gromit classics wear latex gloves when working. The texture on Feather's McGraw's wing is just that -a texture reminiscent of the feathers on a penguin's wing.

Corrected entry: When Gromit is dialing up the program for the trousers to run, muttering "Ten minutes, twenty minutes", there are clear marks on his hand and sleeve which are unmistakable as fingerprints.

Correction: I just checked, zooming in to minute detail. They are textures such as you would find on human skin or the cloth of a cotton shirt, not fingerprints. Nick Park and his co-workers wear latex gloves while working, so what look like fingerprints on the Wallace and Grommit figurines most certainly are not.

Corrected entry: When the penguin uses the remote to get Wallace out of bed, the sheets are all crumpled up, but in the next shot they're neatly spread over the bed again.

Correction: Do you think the man (or, indeed, the dog) who invented the first rocket to go to the moon and return intact couldn't invent some self-folding bedclothes?

Corrected entry: When the penguin is on the windowsill at the museum, he unfolds a big piece of paper, but where did he get that? It definitely wasn't there when the penguin is standing on Wallace as he climbs up the wall.

Correction: It was in the holster which holds his hidden gun. See previous corrections of this type of 'mistake'.

Corrected entry: In the beginning we see the shadow of the techno-trousers, and there are four spheres, if you will, that build up each of his legs. For the rest of the movie, there are five or six spheres on each of his legs. There's no need for Wallace to spend his time to change this.

Correction: There's no need for Wallace to do lots of things. Bungee-jumping window cleaning? Why not use a ladder like everyone else? Fly to the moon to get some cheese? Why not go to the corner shop? Wallace is an eccentric tinkerer, subject to his own whims and fancies. Why add spheres to his techno-trousers? Why not?

Corrected entry: When Wallace and Gromit are locked in the cupboard, Gromit takes off the metal rectangle on Wallace's trousers and puts it down at the bottom of the cupboard. A little later, the two are able to make the top of the cupboard come off. In this shot we can see the bottom of the cupboard. The metal rectangle is gone.

Correction: It's clear that our view of 'the bottom of the cupboard' is occluded by Wallace and Gromit themselves. One of them is standing on the little metal rectangle.

Corrected entry: During the chase scene, the penguin removes a peg, thus disconnecting the part of the train he is on with the part Gromit is on. He does this twice in two shots.

Correction: The carriages are held together by couplings with two pins.

Corrected entry: Just before the penguin puts the helmet on Wallace, he drops some boxes in the doorway and never touches them again. But in the shot where he uses the remote to get Wallace out of bed, the boxes are nowhere to be seen.

Correction: There are loads of shots of Gromit watching the penguin. He could have moved them while we were watching Gromit.

Corrected entry: When Wallace falls into the techno-trousers, why doesn't he get jam fired at him, as happens to Gromit later? It used to need a button press, but Wallace changed that before this point. He couldn't have changed it after this, since he spends the whole day running around town in the trousers and then goes straight to bed.

Correction: The whole thing has been set up by Feathers McGraw, who is being a devious little so-and-so. He needs Wallace to be absolutely shattered and fall asleep, which wouldn't be very easy with jam all over his face. Any Penguin capable of reprogramming NASA equipment to accept a remote control and of engineering a diamond heist which relies entirely on someone being asleep, would be perfectly capable of removing a pot of jam from a table.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when they have breakfast, you can see the railroad tracks in the dining room. Obviously this is one of Wallace's permanent inventions used to deliver items. However, for much of the rest of the house, including the area near the stairs, the living room, and the door with the red flap, the tracks don't appear until the chase scene at the end.

Correction: Why is is 'obvious' that it's a permanent invention? The whole point of model railroad tracks is that they can be taken apart and rearranged at will. Maybe Wallace wasn't happy with the way his 'invention' worked and took it to pieces? We don't see every single minute of his day - it would be a very long film if we did.

Corrected entry: When Gromit gets the mail and flips through it you can see a fingerprint on his right ear.

Correction: This sort of error has been previously corrected. The creators of Wallace and Gromit (and Rex the Runt, and Chicken Run) wear latex surgical gloves when working. The texture on Gromit's ear is therefore not a fingerprint and most likely is deliberate.

Corrected entry: Wallace has installed buttons that control the techno-trousers and the penguin later moves these buttons onto a remote control. The thing is, there are the same number of buttons and switches on the trousers as on the remote control, and at the museum the penguin pushes these buttons to make the mechanical arm come out of the helmet. This isn't possible because Wallace made the buttons solely for the trousers. He didn't know about the helmet- it was all the penguin's idea. The penguin would have had to add buttons of his own onto the remote control to make it work.

Correction: Here we go again: Feathers McGraw is the single most intelligent Criminal Mastermind in the world. Ever. Do you not think that Feathers would incorporate controls for both devices into one single remote unit? This would be less cumbersome, and mean he had less to carry. Considering it is possible to buy remote controls that work for videos, TV's and DVD players all at once, this is not too much of a stretch (no more than a penguin committing the crime of the century, or someone sleeping through a very noisy, tiring walk down a museum air vent.) Also, Wallace didn't make the trousers, NASA did.

Corrected entry: When Wallace wants jam on his toast, Gromit the dog pushes a button that is attached to an electrical cord and the jam flies out of the jar. This isn't possible because the jar of jam is not attached to an electrical cord, so the device that makes the jam fly wouldn't work.

Correction: It is perfectly obvious that many of the remotely controlled devices in the house, such as the toaster, teapot and so on, are controlled via an infra-red control similar to that used for a television set. The jam jar is obviously controlled in this manner. Think about it - if you were a dog with human intelligence, capable of building and flying a rocket to the moon, riding a motorcycle and performing complex mathematical calculations, would you want your scientific pursuits interrupted by you tripping over pesky electrical cables about the place? Obviously not.

Corrected entry: When Gromit is looking at the penguin's plan to steal the diamond, there are some pencils at the corner of the poster near where is says "Museum", but in the next shot, these pencils disappear.

Correction: The 'next shot' is a close up of the plan, and after that there is a close up of Gromit. He lets go of the plan which rolls up by itself, and who knows where the pencils could have gone? They probably fell on the floor.

Corrected entry: When Feathers shuts Wallace and Gromit in the closet we can see that there are several other items in there too. These disappear later when Gromit bursts out of it.

Correction: Gromit doesn't 'burst' out of the closet, Wallace does. Gromit falls out and the view of what's in there is still obstructed by Wallace. All that's in there are a few coat hangers anyway. They could easily have fallen to the floor considering what was going on.

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