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Trivia: If you look at Bobby's bedroom in the scene where he and Rogue kiss, you'll see that he has several snowboarding posters on his wall and skis in the corner against the wall - all connecting to his icy abilities.

Trivia: Bobby's brother has a flaming-bird symbol on his shirt - Phoenix reference.


Trivia: Watch the 20th Century Fox logo closely at the start - the X stays illuminated for a short time after the main logo fades out.

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Trivia: The X-Men graphic novel, "God Loves, Man Kills" (some of the plot for the movie X2) the mutant hater's name is William Stryker, the same name as the militant mutant hater in the movie.

Trivia: The actress who plays Kitty Pride aka Shadowcat co-starred with Patrick Stewart in 'Masterminds', where he took over the school.

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Trivia: Mystique transforms into a blonde woman to seduce the security guard. This blonde woman is actually the normal appearance of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who plays Mystique. It's the only time we see her without the blue makeup until she's depowered in X-Men 3.

Trivia: Two random similarities to "Edward Scissorhands" in this movie. At the start, Nightcrawler looks almost identical to Edward when he's robbing the house - pale, marks on his face, blue baseball cap. Also when Edwards emerges from the house, he's holding his scissors out towards the police, who think they're weapons he's using to threaten them - exactly the same thing happens in this with Wolverine. Deliberate, or just coincidence?

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Trivia: In the deleted scene Mystique in Stryker's files from the DVD two-disc special. Mystique read Kurt Wagner's notes. On all the X-rays, we can read "X-ray c13957", and they were all taken in May 22 1984, but they show a full grown man.

Trivia: May be obvious to some people, but I missed it the first time around. Towards the end, when Jean Gray's outside, Nightcrawler says that she's stopping him going out there. When he tries to teleport, you can briefly see the smoke appear round him then disappear as he gets blocked.

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Trivia: In the comic, Xavier had a son named David Haller who became known as Legion. He was mentally disturbed, suffering from multiple personality disorder. He had several different psychic powers, and each personality controlled a different power. One of them was a young girl. His left eye was green, and his right eye was blue. In the movie, Stryker has a son named Jason. He is mentally disturbed or catatonic. He has psychic powers. In the illusion he creates for Xavier, he appears as a young girl. His left eye is green. His right eye is blue. It would seem that this is supposed to be the movie's version of Legion. Some people also say that Jason is Mastermind aka Jason WyneGarn (or Jason Stryker, I guess in the movie) who has the telepathic ability to create illusion that are completely believable in every way, sight smell, sound.

Trivia: In this movie and its sequel, Hank McCoy (the Beast) is introduced. In X2, in the sequence where Xavier inadvertently attacks the mutants around the world, it was originally decided that McCoy should be shown mutating into the blue-furred form in which he appears in X3. The idea was dropped from the final cut, however.


Trivia: More names in Stryker's files; Victor Creed aka Sabretooth, Bobby Drake aka Iceman, Roberto Dacosta aka Sunspot, Dane Lorna aka Polaris, Fred Sukes aka Blob and Angelo Espinosa aka Skin.


Trivia: At the museum, there is a sabertooth skeleton as a reference to Sabertooth, brother of Logan.


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Revealing mistake: In the scene where Storm and Nightcrawler rush to rescue the children from the holding cell, you see a shot of the cell where the children stand up and say "Listen..." before Nightcrawler teleports inside. If you look carefully, you will see Nightcrawler's silhouette in the shadow against the wall. (01:27:50)

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President McKenna: What's that?
William Stryker: A jet.
President McKenna: What kind of jet?
William Stryker: We don't know...but it comes out of the basketball court.

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Question: When Mystique is disguised as Senator Kelly, why did she tell the other politicians about Professor Xavier's school?

Answer: Stryker was trying to get permission from the President to raid the school on the grounds that it is a mutant training facility. Mystique interjects and claims it is a docile boarding school in an attempt to dissuade the President from granting Stryker's request, as she doesn't want the students at the school to be harmed.

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