Bringing Down the House

Factual error: In Steve Martin's office, when Steve is showing Eugene Levy the woman he thinks he has a date with, Steve is using an Apple Powerbook on his office desk. It cuts to a shot of the two of them looking at the screen, and then a second shot from across the desk. The Powerbook is still on the desk with the top open, but it is not turned on. When a Powerbook is powered on, the white apple on the top cover glows (even in a well lit room). The apple is not glowing.

Factual error: When Missi Pyle gets hung on a door handle after her fight this seems impossible. It would've broken off due to her weight.


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Continuity mistake: When Peter starts grabbing himself, his shirt is seen semi-tucked into his pants. The camera angle changes and the left side of his shirt is now hanging outside of his pants. (00:55:34)


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Howie Rottman: I'd like to dip you in Cheez Wiz and spread you all over a Ritz cracker, if I'm not being too subtle.
Charlene Morton: Boy, you some kinda freaky.
Howie Rottman: Oh, you have no idea. You got me straight trippin', boo.

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Question: What is the song playing at the beginning of the movie when the characters are talking online to each other?

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