Bringing Down the House
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Continuity mistake: When Peter starts grabbing himself, his shirt is seen semi-tucked into his pants. The camera angle changes and the left side of his shirt is now hanging outside of his pants.



Continuity mistake: Peter picks up Georgey, who is holding his Gameboy, spins him around and sits Georgey on the kitchen counter. In the next shot, the Gameboy is gone. It's not on the counter or in his pocket.


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Revealing mistake: When Mrs Arness and her dog, William Shakespeare, are at Peter's house, the dog walks over to Georgey. You can see the actor who plays Georgey had to hold dog treats in both of his hands to keep the dog near him in the scene. Confirmed in the audio commentary.


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Trivia: Just after Steve Martin finds out that Queen Latifah is a convict you see a picture of her where she is holding up her jail sign. Her name is Charlene Morton. Morton is the last name of Queen Latifah's character in Chicago.

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Question: What is the name of song playing as Steve Martin walks into the club to look for Charlene?

Chosen answer: It's called "Way of Life" by Lil' Wayne with Big Tymers and T.Q.

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