Bringing Down the House

Bringing Down the House (2003)

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Corrected entry: When Peter is playing golf with Mrs. Arness, he tees off from the white or men's tees. When Mrs. Arness tees off she uses the same tees. This is unlikely due to the fact that most women golfers use the ladies tees which are closer to the hole especially a women of Mrs. Arness' age. She would use the ladie's tees.

Correction: She states that she's been playing for many years, so maybe she finds it more challenging to play from the men's tee box. I know a few women who do this.

Corrected entry: When Aaron picks up Sarah, he's wearing a red plaid shirt, but when he passes her at the party, he's wearing a green and gray striped shirt.

Correction: Aaron is wearing two different shirts because it is two different nights.

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Corrected entry: When Peter is taking the sleeping pills, you can see the outline of someone standing outside his window.

Correction: If you look frame by frame, it's only the movement and shadows of the trees.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Widow is holding the gun up to Peter's head in the car, he falls out of the car and the back door behind the driver's seat is opened. In the next shot, the door is shut as Peter drives off.

Correction: After Widow falls out of Peter's car, you can see the back door, as it's closing, when the car speeds forward.

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Corrected entry: When Steve Martin first meets Queen Latifa, she doesn't have any bag and goes into his house for a while before she gets kicked out. Then after she's was hidden in the bush, she has her bag and carries it around with her. If she couldn't put down the bag the second time, why would she leave it outside for at least 10 minutes?

Correction: In fact, Queen DOES carry her bag when she enters Steve's house. The belt of the bag can be seen over her shoulder. When she is in she puts her bag on the floor. This can be seen.

Corrected entry: If Queen Latifa only has the one small duffle bag, how does she have such a vast wardrobe?

Correction: Queen Latifah has such a vast wardrobe because of the "charity event" that was thrown in the beginning of the movie. She must have obtained enough money to purchase a lot of the clothes she wore throughout the movie.

Corrected entry: Right before Steve Martin is about to meet his internet friend, he dims the lights. However, the light switches are not the dimmer type; they can only be turned "on" or "off". Nevertheless, Steve has no problems dimming the lights.

Correction: There are dimmer switches that look like regular "up-down" switches. I have them in my house. They adjust up and down rather than just click.


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