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The Last Dragon (1985)

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Corrected entry: In the Greenes house scene when the family is eating at the kitchen table Richie is asked to get Leroy . Richie goes to the window and yells up to the roof for Leroy to come eat . The mistake is that he yells out " Yo Reloy " instead of Leroy.

Correction: This was when Richie didn't really like or understand his brother. He would often make fun of him and call him names (i.e. awkward, cornball, chocolate covered yellow peril). Calling him Reloy was just another way of him showing how much he disliked his brother at the time.

Corrected entry: A crew member can be seen crossing the stage in the background just before Eddie Arkadian enters the club to kidnap Laura.

Correction: The club is where Laura films her "Video Hot Pix" television show, so a crew member in that setting wouldn't be out of place.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Leroy jump kicks Sho'Nuff, he leaps into the air, kicking Sho in the chest. this, in turn, causes Sho to fly into a large container of water, obviously back first. When the camera cuts to Leroy, then back to Sho'Nuff, Sho is face down in the water and Leroy pulls him up, placing him on the side so he won't drown.

Correction: When a person is unconscious in the water, the body almost always flips over into the so-called "dead mans float" unless they are wearing a safety device like a life jacket or vest.

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When Leroy is fighting Goliath in the club, the bald headed guy changes between lying face-up and face-down in almost every shot.



Check out the very brief appearance by one of today's most notable actors: William H. Macy. He had a very small, very brief role as the dance host's manager. This movie was made when Macy was only in his fledgeling acting years, hence his small, unimportant part in what can be considered a B-movie. He goes by "W.H. Macy" in the credits, which is what he went by in his early acting years.