The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon (1985)

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Continuity mistake: When Leroy is fighting Goliath in the club, the bald headed guy changes between lying face-up and face-down in almost every shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Leroy is body slammed by Goliath in the dance club, he is picked up with his head to the lower left and his feet to the upper right. When Leroy lands, his head is on the upper right and his feet are lower left.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene before the Shogun enters the movie theatre his crew enters first and two women line up on the right side of the doorway and the third on the left. In the shot as the Shogun begins to speak the same two women are now lined up on the left side with the third.

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Other mistake: The film uses the same footage of the club fight whenever the camera is looking down to the floor. This can be proven by looking at the top right corner of the scene and seeing Johnny fight the same three guys with the exact same movements.

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Check out the very brief appearance by one of today's most notable actors: William H. Macy. He had a very small, very brief role as the dance host's manager. This movie was made when Macy was only in his fledgeling acting years, hence his small, unimportant part in what can be considered a B-movie. He goes by "W.H. Macy" in the credits, which is what he went by in his early acting years.