The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon (1985)

Ending / spoiler

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Leroy fights Sho'nuff and develops "the glow" which shows he is now a kung-fu master. He defeats Sho'nuff, then Arkadian tries to shoot him. Leroy catches the bullet with his teeth and the police show up to arrest Arkadian. Later in 7th Heaven, Leroy shows up to hook up with Laura finally and Leroy's little brother is now proud of Leroy.


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Sho'nuff: Come on, Leroy. Teach me something.



When Leroy is fighting Goliath in the club, the bald headed guy changes between lying face-up and face-down in almost every shot.



Check out the very brief appearance by one of today's most notable actors: William H. Macy. He had a very small, very brief role as the dance host's manager. This movie was made when Macy was only in his fledgeling acting years, hence his small, unimportant part in what can be considered a B-movie. He goes by "W.H. Macy" in the credits, which is what he went by in his early acting years.