Earth Girls Are Easy

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

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Corrected entry: When Valerie, Candy and the aliens stop at the club, there is bag of fast-food on the dashboard that wasn't there before.

Correction: The bag we see was on the dash when they pulled up next to the Jeep (the one Wiploc climbs into), before they stopped at the club. There is no indication that the scene before this was continuous, so they could have easily stopped for food before pulling up to the Jeep.


Corrected entry: As Mac is kissing Valerie and the space-ship lifts off, you can briefly see through Mac's head.

Correction: You never see through Mac's head. It's just the way his dark hair seems to blend in with the background a bit, but you can still distinctly tell the difference between the hair and background.


Corrected entry: When Valerie watches television, a can of Minute Maid Orange Soda and an empty cup are with her. Valerie then switches off the television, and now the previously empty cup is half-full.

Correction: She probably poured some soda in the cup. Not everybody likes to drink out of a can.

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