The Country Bears
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Beary Barrington: What's that?
Big Al: That there's a sign.


Big Al: I'm chubby... but I'm quick.


Reed Thimple: What is that?
Big Al: A sign.

Reed Thimple: Do you like the sound of crunching wood? I do.

Reed Thimple: This is not over! Bears.

Revealing mistake: The Bears' bus is driving by a green highway sign reading something like "Nutville 2". Road signs are normally made of something rigid. But as the bus passes, the sign ripples in the breeze, and you can tell it's just made of fabric or plastic.

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Trivia: The Country Bears attraction, on which the movie was based, was originally supposed to be located at Disney's Mineral King ski resort in California. When that project was cancelled (due to opposition from environmental groups), the Bears were moved to Disney World.

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