The Country Bears

The Country Bears (2002)

4 mistakes

Factual error: After Berry and one of the Country Bears get in the bus to find the others, they show a scene with the bus going along a road and Berry leans out the window. Here you can see the side of the bus is spick 'n' span clean. Then, later, the bus is as dirty as it was when it left the shack, very noticeable at the start of the carwash scene.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are trying to find the stolen bus, they have that radar thing. In one shot the thing is showing that they should turn right yet they say left and go to the left.

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Revealing mistake: The Bears' bus is driving by a green highway sign reading something like "Nutville 2". Road signs are normally made of something rigid. But as the bus passes, the sign ripples in the breeze, and you can tell it's just made of fabric or plastic.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene after the bears meet Elton John you will see a police car stopping at the left front of the house. In the next scene as the 2 officers are walking to the house the police car is now parked at the right front of the house.

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