Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Corrected entry: If the T-X has Kate's files from middle school, retrieved from current sources, surely she would have a date of birth in there too? And if so, she would know that Kate was in her early 20s and the first woman she killed in the vet's office couldn't possibly be Kate, so she shouldn't have needed to test her DNA.


Correction: Appearance is often not an accurate reflection of age. Just because the cat lady obviously looked so much older didn't mean that it wasn't at least worth checking to see if it was Kate or not.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Kate's father is questioning what is happening with Skynet, the Terminatrix comes out looking like Kate without ever having touched her.

Correction: The Terminatrix touched Kate when they were fighting outside the vet's clinic.

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Corrected entry: When John asks Terminator whether "Hasta la vista, baby" rings a bell, Terminator tells him that was a different "T-101." This nomenclature is incorrect: Terminator is a Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101, also referred to as a T-800 (in this film he's a T-850). "T-101" is a bastardized combination of model and series numbers, and is inconsistent with what appears in both other films. 800 and 101 are both numbers that refer to the "Arnold" terminator (model and series, respectively). But the "T" prefix is supposed to be followed by the model number (800), not the series (101). It's like referring to a Ford F-150 STX as an "F-STX." Even if what is meant can be inferred, it is a technical error, the kind the terminator would never make (especially in referring to itself).


Correction: While that may prove true for the previous Terminator movies, it doesn't ring true for Terminator 3. Cyberdyne was destroyed in Terminator 2, along with all research and development based on the Terminator chip. In Terminator 3, it is very and carefully explained that Cyberdyne is NOT responsible for the creation of SkyNet, hence it would have absolutely nothing to do with the creation of Terminators. Since the T-850 came from a future where Cyberdyne is not responsible for the creation of SkyNet, then the "CSM-101" nomenclature for the Terminators in the previous movies is completely irrelevant and incorrect. As far as this Terminator is concerned, there never was any 'CSM-101' model, but there IS T-101. T-101 refers to the Skin, but T-850 refers to the endoskeleton machine. SkyNet did not use any Cyberdyne technology to build its Terminators, instead using whatever technology it could find (likely the machines from the Military Base). Hence, this is definitely not a mistake at all; in this current future there is no Cyberdyne, hence no CSM-101's, since CSM-101 stands for Cyberdyne Systems Model .


Corrected entry: In the scene where the TX kills the 2 policemen in the car, she smashes the second man's head against the windscreen, cracking it and spraying it with blood. She then grabs the wheel and turns the car around. The following aerial shot of the car doing a 180 degree turn shows the windscreen undamaged and clean. In the following shot the glass is bloody and cracked again.

Correction: The policeman's head was smashed against the door window, not the windshield.

Corrected entry: When the T-X meets Catherine in the graveyard disguised as her fiance, she turns back into the T-X right in front of her. Not only is this a breathtakingly stupid idea - obviously done purely to meet the plot requirement that Kate learn about the terminators.

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Correction: Not necessarily true. She'd gotten close enough to kill Kate, had the others not intervened. And she would probably be more powerful in her true form - I doubt that she could form her primary weapons from somebody else's hand without turning that hand into her own hand first. And if she does that, she's showing her true form anyway, so it was simpler to just turn back into her self.


Corrected entry: John and Kate make a reference to the Terminator knowing that they needed to get to a secure bunker. This was after they realized it wasn't the heart of Skynet, at the very end. The Terminator didn't tell them to go there. Kate's father did.

Correction: The Terminator also agreed with the father and thus played apart in the deceit, since he knew that Skynet wasn't really there. The Terminator was under orders to help them destroy Skynet but he knew it was more important for John and kate to survive the nuclear war, so it would have been a bigger deal to them that he lied to them.

Corrected entry: The nukes shown in the end hit the cities and blow up. Modern nuclear missiles are designed to airburst for greater destruction. They should have detonated 200-300 meters above the city.

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Correction: We view the explosions from a great distance. 200 - 300 meters is not very discernable plus the blast would have extended to the ground immediately, covering that distance within the first few milliseconds, far less time than it takes for a frame of a movie.

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Corrected entry: The T-1000 from T2 seemed to be a much more efficient and versatile killing machine, as he was pure liquid metal. Seems to be backward technology that the T-X would have a skeleton like the T-800/850 that can be damaged and ultimately destroyed. The T-1000 only was terminated by meltdown (which the T-X would have been also), but the 1000 surely would have fared better in some of the crunches that severely damaged the T-X.

Correction: There could be many reasons that Skynet didn't use a full-liquid metal terminator. For one the T-1000 was an advanced prototype and maybe they didn't have the resources to build others. The machines were losing the war so their resources would have been depleted. If nothing else, the circumstances of the T-1000's failure wouldn't be known to anyone in the future - they just know it didn't get the job done, so tried something different.

Corrected entry: The story is that SkyNet launches missiles against enemies of the US so that they would in return launch missiles against the US. But this is set in the present day, and computers have never been given control of launching nuclear missiles. Computers have only been given control of the warning systems, with no ability to control launches directly, virus/AI or not.

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Correction: But we have to assume that in this scenario the computer has total control of the missiles, other wise there would be no point to Skynet - it's been designed from the start to be able to control the entire defense network.

Corrected entry: When they are switching from the hearse to the camper, John walks up to Catherine who is sitting in the passenger seat of the hearse and talks to her with the passenger window not there. When he walks over to talk to Arnold who is at the camper, we see the hearse in the background with the passenger side tinted window up and no sign of Catherine in the car. John then walks back to the hearse and Catherine is sitting back in the passenger seat and the window is broken again.


Correction: There is no error in this scene. After watching the movie 3 times I noticed that Catherine appears to no longer be in the front seat but if you look very closely the frame of between the door and the front window is covering Catherine's face but she is still in the hearse. She simply is sitting very still but look very carefully and you will see her head.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Arnold is going to destroy TX with his fuel cell, how come earlier when he flies the chopper into her she doesn't repair herself and then kill Arnold?

Correction: As shown by her flickering readouts, she is damaged and pinned by the chopper.

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Corrected entry: When TX goes after the fast food kid relatively early on, we see from across the street that she guns him down. We hear the bullets being fired from across the street. Then why can we see two people in the kitchen area sitting down about ten metres away from where the body fell, looking perfectly relaxed and trouble free, even when the screaming starts?

Correction: Having lived in L.A. for a year and a half, I am only half joking when I tell you this is quite feasible. Gunfire, bloodshed and mayhem in L.A.? Big deal. In some areas of L.A. you'd have to strafe the streets from a jet fighter to get a reaction - they are that used to it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the TX is being overpowered by the magnetic field, why aren't the weapons in John Connor's backpack being pulled too? He's carrying at least an Uzi in the backpack, because he fires it at the Crystal Peak to check if there is anyone there.

Correction: Its not an Uzi, its a Glock 18 full auto pistol. They can be obtained with ceramic components, plastic hardware and aluminum barrel, all non magnetic.

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Corrected entry: The T-1000 could not only take on another's appearance, but their mannerisms (such as talking like them on the phone). Then why is it that the advanced T-X can't (such as when the false Scott talks to the police)?

Correction: The T-X never saw Scott's behavior...she infiltrated his apartment, sat on the edge of his bed, and killed him immediately when he woke up. The only action she ever saw Scott perform was screaming, and its unlikely that she would replicate that behavior.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the cemetery, after the T-850 shoots the police, one of the messages he sees, apart from "human casualties" and "rounds fired" is one telling him he destroyed 17 vehicles . Never mind that we only see one car blowing up, but even if he sees "destroying" as simply shooting tens of holes into a car, there simply aren't that many cars in the area where he is shooting .

Correction: Look in the background as the scene is going on (especially when the SWAT team pulls Kate out) and you can see at least two dozen cars the terminator could have destroyed.

Corrected entry: The T-X (and the T-1000 in T2) does not act like an efficient killing machine. It can run as fast as a car, withstand enormous amounts of damage and has machine-like reflexes, tons of weapons and technology. Yet, when it catches sight of its target, what does it do? It plays with its prey, moves very slowly towards its victims, blows an otherwise very convincing disguise, etc. Even the most inexperienced human assassin with a lousy Glock would simply raise his gun and shoot on sight. If all of Skynet's agents are so inept, Skynet doesn't stand a chance against the humans in the future war.

Correction: First of all, the terminators cannot run as fast as a car. (this is explained in other corrections) Second of all, the terminators were sent back in time because Skynet was losing the war. Of course Skynet doesn't stand a chance against the humans in the future war.

Corrected entry: Why does the TX have to sample the cat lady's DNA to test whether she's Kate Brewster? Surely she would have acquired a photo of Kate from that site she visits with the cellphone - after all, unlike John, Kate had no idea the Terminators were coming, so she wouldn't have erased any records of herself.

Correction: The files the TX accessed were from middle school. Kate could have changed dramatically, so the TX tested the DNA to make sure.

Corrected entry: If you remember the reason why O'Connor was misdirected to the last scene facility was that there wasn't a master server where the Skynet was installed so this means that Skynet was the virus that spread to all computers in Earth. When Skynet fired the ICBM's (Nuclear Missiles) at the major cities on the planet it actually committed suicide. If Skynet destroys the cities, it destroys the computers the had the virus and consequently itself.

Correction: Destroying major cities would wipe out a large percentage of computers, not every computer. Skynet would still be able to operate on the millions of remaining computers around the globe.

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Corrected entry: In the scene after Arnie has obtained his new leathers he goes straight to a jeep he intends to steal. The first thing he does in the jeep is pull the sun visor down to check for keys even though in Terminator 2 John Connor had to teach him to do this instead of just breaking open the steering column and hot-wiring the car. This appears strange because later in the film Arnie states that all Terminators are basically pulled off a production line and that he cannot remember anything that a previous terminator can remember. So how did Arnie remember to look under the sun visor to start with?

Correction: He didn't 'remember' the keys under the visor. He was reprogrammed by humans, so they probably put little things like that in his database.

Corrected entry: Throughout the beginning of the movie, when the Terminator has 'kidnapped' Catherine, she repeadly screams orders at him to let her go. Later in the movie, it is suddenly revealed that he will take orders from her. He should, therefore, have released her earlier, as soon as she demanded it.

Correction: Releasing Catherine would've violated his main mission objective to protect her. The only reason he "obeys" her is because she reprogrammed him. As a Terminator, fulfilling his mission parameters still comes above everything else. Anyway, you never hear Katherine say "let me go" or anything to that effect when Arnold is driving (she did when John was driving, however). At one point she states "drop dead @$$hole" and Arnold replies "I am unable to comply". He listens, she just didn't say the right thing while he was driving.

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