Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Corrected entry: Why can't the TX catch John and Catherine when they are running in the particle accelerator but she can catch up with a hearse while running through the woods?

Correction: She took a shortcut getting to the hearse.

Corrected entry: All throughout the movie, we see that both the T-850 and the T-X are 1-2 ton killing machines (as evident by many a fight scene). So why is that when they get in and out of vehicles (i.e. the motorcycle, the hearse, etc.) the shocks on the cars don't respond to such a high amount of strain. Surely the police motorcycle, especially, couldn't sustain such an amount of weight, and if so, it certainly wouldn't be able to get to top speed as easily as it did in the chase scene with the crane.

Correction: The only thing that is made evident in the fight scenes is that they are both powerful machines and that they are nearly indestructible. More than likely they weigh around 500 pounds or less which would be about double a person of the T-800's size and would not noticeably affect the vehicles suspension.

Corrected entry: The windows in the vet truck would have been shattered (or at least cracked) after being hit numerous times by police cruisers and running into various objects.

Correction: Not necessarily, the Tundra is quite a bit taller than a police car.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: During the scene in Catherine's hospital, the TX determines that John Connor has been there recently by tasting some of his blood and matching the DNA. This raises the question of how did the machines manage to get a sample of John's blood in the first place? And even if they did somehow manage, since John was not considered a target why would they bother giving her the data for his blood?

Correction: They could have swiped the blood from the battlefield in the future. It would be easy. Also, John Connor was her primary target. She was sent to destroy others in case she could not find him.


Corrected entry: When the TX is driving the crane, the Terminator takes over the winch and drops it through a sewer grate, causing it to literally pull through the road after the truck. Yet, at the same time the rope is unwinding off the winch. Why would a rope continuously unwinding start to tear through solid road? Furthermore, why does it only stop tearing through when the rope reaches the end of the winch and cause the crane to fold in on itself?

Correction: The truck is traveling at a high speed. The winch unwinds slowly, thus the truck's speed causes the rope to snag and start to tear. When the rope reaches its end, it causes the crane to jerk down far enough to crash into the ground.

Corrected entry: When Catherine is escaping from the female terminator she runs out the front door of the animal hospital without unlocking it. She locked it when the woman came in with her cat Hercules.


Correction: It's pretty obvious that the T-X isn't the most courteous of machines...more than likely she just pushed the door open, breaking the hinge and the lock right off.

Corrected entry: How does the T-X know to find Catherine at the veterinary clinic at 5:30 AM? Wouldn't she have gone to her home to search for her at that hour? Catherine was only there because she was called out for an unexpected emergency.

Correction: She was being systematic. She located the first target at his job at the fast food place. She probably thought to check the Veterinary clinic first. Time is irrelevant to Terminators. It is unlikely that she actually considered the possibility that 5:30 a.m. was too early for work.

Corrected entry: Exactly how does the T-850 know Sarah Conner was cremated and guns put in her casket? John Conner didn't know where she was buried, and Kate never met her. Did the Mexicans find John later and tell him? Or did Kate program the T-850 based on what he said at the cemetery? If it's the latter, this creates a causality loop, because the only way anyone knows about the weapons is the T-850. But if the T-850 was programmed based on Kate's previous experience with it, then older Kate knows the T-850 helped them go to the Skynet lab, which led to them being sent to the shelter. So then why doesn't T-850 just take them to Skynet to begin with, instead of arguing that he is going to take them to safety?

Correction: The T-850 says that Sarah Connor's will specified that weapons be placed in her grave site for John, and her ashes scattered into the sea. It is quite likely that, even though almost all records of Sarah Connor were lost in the war (as revealed in Terminator 1), Sarah Connor's will is among some of the very limited information that Skynet had on Sarah Connor. Being that it does not have any revealing information other than where the weapons are located, it is not a crucial piece of information and was ignored, but the T-850 was able to make use of it. We also learn that Catherine's father was going to create Skynet all along, which means that Cyberdyne was only an alternate timeline because the Terminator pieces were found and Cyberdyne started work on it. It would have happened anyway, which means that it is also possible that Catherine, knowing all this, gave the Terminator that information.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the veterinarian's, the T-850 throws Catherine into the van. He then slams the doors and grabs a tire iron. He puts it through the flimsy screen door handles on the back of the van, and then bends it double using one hand. This should rip the handles right off the door.

Correction: Not unless he was using the handles for leverage, which he wasn't.


Corrected entry: The TX uses clothes (or copies their form) from the lady in the parked car. Then later we can see repeatedly that she is wearing the lady's earrings. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the TX, a lethal killing machine, putting in earrings. It's a waste of time and the clothes will make her blend in anyway.


Correction: Since she's not stealing the clothing, but rather replicating it, why wouldn't she replicate the earrings too? It's not like it would take any extra effort.

Corrected entry: The Terminatrix drives the FBI car from the back seat, steering through the agent's chest, but who is stepping on the gas, and brake?

Correction: Since she can extend her hands to steer the wheels, she could also extend her legs under the driver's seat to step on the gas and the brake.

Corrected entry: When the female terminator arrives at the animal hospital we hear the glass from the front door breaking. When Catherine escapes through the same doors, there is no broken glass. The female terminator then walks through the same doors and the door on the left shows the broken glass that looks like it's been cut out.


Correction: What you hear is the glass that she cut out break when it's dropped on the floor, not the door itself.


Corrected entry: When the T-X shoots the teenager at the fast food restaurant, there is a passenger seat between her and the window. When going through a drive-through, the driver's seat is closest to the pick-up window.

Correction: Not true. This happens with fast food places that have multiple drive up windows (e.g. Checkers in the USA)


Corrected entry: When the Terminator opens the casket of Sarah Connor it is filled to the top with weapons. In the next scene the Terminator is carrying the casket on his shoulder with John Connor inside. The casket is put inside the back of a hearse and driven away. In one of the following scenes John Connor (outside of the casket) and the open casket are shown in the same shot and the casket is filled with weapons; there is no indication that it was filled back up with weapons after John Conner got out. There would be no way that he could have fit inside the casket with all of the weapons as well.

Correction: There is plenty of room for John Connor to be hidden in the top of the casket on top of all the weapons - the top is curved.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminatrix travels back from the future she is naked and proceeds to first find some clothes (and a vehicle). However, later in the film her clothes change as part of her appearance when she changes forms. If the same mechanism, which governs the look and shape of her skin and body, is also capable of emulating clothing, then why did she travel to the past naked to begin with? (Aside from the obvious visual benefits).

Correction: The T-1000 could also emulate clothing with the shape-shifting abilities, but only clothing that it has touched. It cannot create clothing, so I would think T-X functions the same in that department.

Corrected entry: Inside the military base, the TX takes on the form of Catherine in order to fool Catherine's father. At that point, the TX still hadn't come into physical contact with Catherine, so it would have been impossible for the transformation to occur.

Correction: Yes, The TX had come into physical contact with Catherine just after John Conner was thrown into the dog cage. The TX chases her outside, pulls her out of the car, and stands on her throat while interrogating...direct, physical contact.

Corrected entry: The terminator TX arrives from the future in a women's clothing store window, and yet her first task is go searching for clothing.

Correction: For all we know, she may have classified the clothing in that store as unsuitable, like Arnie did, so went looking elsewhere.

Corrected entry: The Terminator explains to John Connor that he is powered by 2 hydrogen-cells. In Crystal Peak the Terminator uses his second and last one to blow up himself and the Terminatrix. How can the Terminator still hold the Terminatrix and say "You are terminated" when he already stuffed his second and last energy-cell down her mouth?

Correction: One word: capacitors.

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