The Accidental Spy
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Revealing mistake: When Jackie rescues the kid from the burning petrol truck you can see that they used a dummy when he dropped the kid.



Revealing mistake: When Jackie dives out of the burning truck, he grabs onto some netting. As the net is ripped from his weight, a black safety line is visible.

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Revealing mistake: It's funny how the bullets doesn't make any holes in the plastic tents during the shoot-out in the beginning. Bullets are flying everywhere inside the tents.


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Revealing mistake: When the gasoline truck leaves the market you can see many folks standing and watching the filming of the movie.



Revealing mistake: After Jackie locks the steering wheel in the burning truck, he continues on. We get a view of the back of the truck. It is obvious the fire has been added digitally.

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When there's a fight on the cabriolet between Jackie and one of the two bandits - when the car smashes into the fuel truck, the fighting bandit somehow flies backwards where according to the laws of inertia he should have flown forwards.



On the front cover of the UK DVD, Jackie appears posed with three other characters (one male, two female). Strangely, none of these other people are actually in the movie.