The Accidental Spy
The Accidental Spy mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jackie rescues the kid from the burning petrol truck you can see that they used a dummy when he dropped the kid. (01:11:36)


Revealing mistake: When Jackie dives out of the burning truck, he grabs onto some netting. As the net is ripped from his weight, a black safety line is visible.

Revealing mistake: It's funny how the bullets doesn't make any holes in the plastic tents during the shoot-out in the beginning. Bullets are flying everywhere inside the tents. (00:02:05)

Mortug Premium member

Revealing mistake: When the gasoline truck leaves the market you can see many folks standing and watching the filming of the movie. (01:13:41)


Revealing mistake: After Jackie locks the steering wheel in the burning truck, he continues on. We get a view of the back of the truck. It is obvious the fire has been added digitally.

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