The Accidental Spy

Factual error: When there's a fight on the cabriolet between Jackie and one of the two bandits - when the car smashes into the fuel truck, the fighting bandit somehow flies backwards where according to the laws of inertia he should have flown forwards.

Factual error: In the scene at the harbour where the Istanbuli man gets shot several times, 3 seconds after the army get into the room, the dead man accidentally blinks. It is very easy to notice. (00:49:30)

Factual error: When Buck and the reporter are leaving his father's grave, we see them driving on the left, then the right side of the road. (00:33:05)

Sol Parker
The Accidental Spy mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jackie rescues the kid from the burning petrol truck you can see that they used a dummy when he dropped the kid. (01:11:36)

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Trivia: On the front cover of the UK DVD, Jackie appears posed with three other characters (one male, two female). Strangely, none of these other people are actually in the movie.

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