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Continuity mistake: The flames on the truck change often, from the back they are just around the base of the tank. But many times from the front, you can see them billowing out the back using an obvious special effect.

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Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: In the bath in Istanbul when Jackie is fighting with all the bad guys he gets alot of foam on his towel. When it cuts all the foam is gone.


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Continuity mistake: When the police car lands on the row of cars, you can see that the BMW 323i is parked right behind the car it just crashed into. The BMW crashed at a completely different angle.



Continuity mistake: First we see the BMW 323 i pass the car that the police motorcycle crashed into, then in the next clip the BMW 323 i crashes into it.



Continuity mistake: When Buck grabs the girl in yellow by the arm, you can see that he has her by the upper arm, just above the elbow, when the shot changes, he is holding her just below the elbow.


Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: When the gasoline truck makes a hard right turn and leaves the market you can see that is a stunt driver steering the truck. Not the same old man as it used to be.



Continuity mistake: When the police motorcycle crashes into the car, the car has already been dented before the police motorcycle hits it.



Continuity mistake: Carmen tells Jackie that a rescue squad is waiting for them on the highway on the right side. When they meet the rescue squad they are on the left side.



Continuity mistake: Buck hits the car which was following him fully head-on with the SUV, but as they are driving away, there is not a scratch on the SUV.


Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: We see Jackie eating when we first meet him (where he works). He senses a client, tells the girl to throw him his jacket so he can put it on. When he puts it on, you can see the food go through the sleeve with his arm and appear out the other side, however in the next shot, it has vanished.

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Continuity mistake: The BMW 323i is already dented when it crashes into the Datsun.



Continuity mistake: When the gasoline truck enters the market it breakes its window but when they leave the market it's back to normal.



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When there's a fight on the cabriolet between Jackie and one of the two bandits - when the car smashes into the fuel truck, the fighting bandit somehow flies backwards where according to the laws of inertia he should have flown forwards.



On the front cover of the UK DVD, Jackie appears posed with three other characters (one male, two female). Strangely, none of these other people are actually in the movie.