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The Color of Money (1986)

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Corrected entry: When Vince was playing Grady in the Atlantic City tournament, Grady misses the eight ball in the side pocket while the seven ball is visible on the other side of the table. Grady should have been shooting the lowest number ball on the table.


Correction: Grady missed the 6-ball, not the 8-ball. Thus, it was a valid shot.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Vince and Eddie "lag" for the break. Vince wins the "lag" but Eddie breaks the balls.


Correction: There's no indication Vince won the lag, the camera pans out to specifically not show where the balls ended up. However, Eddie's smirk, cue pointing toward his ball and statement of "Just don't put the money in the bank, kid" - combined with Vince picking up his ball without complaint... it's pretty clear Eddie won the lag.

Corrected entry: In his first match-up with Grady Seasons, Vince is seen making the same shot two times during his games.

Correction: The cue ball moves in a slightly different way after making contact with the chosen ball, so it is two different shots.

Revealing mistake: When Paul Newman is playing in the tournament near the end after Tom Cruise humiliates him by dumping the game, Newman lines up to shoot the 2 ball. The point of view shot shows his detailed reflection on the ball's surface. If you look closely at the bottom right side of the ball, you can see that the "reflection" of his shirt exceeds the outside boundary of the ball.


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Eddie Felson: The balls roll funny for everybody, kiddo.

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Question: I'm really confused by Eddie's behaviour. Why did he suddenly decide to abandon Vincent and Carmen. And why couldn't he just take the money at the end (and maybe give it to charity if he didn't want it as Carmen suggested). Why did he unnecessarily have to turn it into an issue with Vincent?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Because it wasn't about the money or a personal issue with Vincent. Eddie had a sudden realization about his own integrity and what he was doing (helping to rig games' outcome to skew betting odds). He wanted to win legitimately against Vincent. Earlier, he had become rather fed up with Vincent's egotistical nature and arrogance, which led to them parting ways.

raywest Premium member

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