The Color of Money

The Color of Money (1986)

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Vince and Eddie "lag" for the break. Vince wins the "lag" but Eddie breaks the balls.


Correction: There's no indication Vince won the lag, the camera pans out to specifically not show where the balls ended up. However, Eddie's smirk, cue pointing toward his ball and statement of "Just don't put the money in the bank, kid" - combined with Vince picking up his ball without complaint... it's pretty clear Eddie won the lag.

Corrected entry: In his first match-up with Grady Seasons, Vince is seen making the same shot two times during his games.

Correction: The cue ball moves in a slightly different way after making contact with the chosen ball, so it is two different shots.

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Cruise is breaking and if you watch the eight ball after the break it's following the 5 into a pocket at the end of the table closest to Tom. Now the 8 ball didn't necessarily go in because they focus on the one ball, but in the next frame shot, there's no way it could be at the opposite end of the table like they show.



In one scene, Eddie comments that it's been 25 years since he played pool professionally. Paul Newman last played Felson in The Hustler, 25 years earlier.