The Ladykillers

Continuity mistake: During the robbery, the taxi driven by Danny Green changes from an Austin to a Morris Oxford and back again. Both types are the same colour, but the Austin is the one with the rounded radiator grille, and the Oxford has a flat radiator.

Continuity mistake: After dropping Harry from the bridge, during the short shot of One-Round, a train appears on the tracks behind Marcus and Louis. (01:21:35)


Continuity mistake: Before the 2nd drawing of matches, we see a closeup of Louis' hand and can see that the leftmost match is a long one. The shot then changes to show Harry picking a match, he picks the leftmost one, but it is short. (01:13:25)


Continuity mistake: Before Louis gets out his knife to cut the match, the ashtray is in the middle of the table and the hat is at one edge. Afterwards, the items have swapped positions. (01:02:20)


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