The Ladykillers

The Ladykillers (2004)

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Continuity mistake: The movie starts with the shot of a sculpture and a raven landing on it. From the side shot the raven is on the left sculpture, from above he is on the right sculpture.

Continuity mistake: When the Professor is reciting a poem to the ladies from the church, there is a burning candelabra on the mantel behind him. In alternating shots, the candles have wax dripping down the sides and then they do not.

Continuity mistake: Garth Pancake blows off his right index finger. But when the gang is doing the champagne toast after the heist, the finger is visible in a blurred foreground shot. In the next shot, it is missing again.

Continuity mistake: When The Professor first recites a poem about Helen to his landlord, his legs change position - first they are crossed, and in the next shot they're wide spread.

Grigory the Wanderer

Plot hole: When Gawain is repairing the hole in the vault wall, a security camera is visible in the top corner in the room.

Continuity mistake: Mrs. Munson hands Professor G.H. Dorr a flute. At the end of that scene there are two shots. Close up shot: the flute's holes look up; immediately after: Wide Shot and the holes face sideways towards Dorr.

Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: At the point when Lump commits suicide, two separate shots were used. In one shot he was directly facing the professor and in the next shot he was facing a ninety degree angle away from the professor as the gun went off.


Factual error: You can't paint only part of a wall without creating a contrast. That's why walls are always painted as a whole. The paint job done by Wayans could not possibly blend in with the rest of the wall.


Gawain MacSam: Would you tell this muthafucka he can sew this shit back on? It's like that dude whose wife cut his dick off, threw it on the freeway? She just called Triple A, they towed the dick and sewed the muthafucka back on. Listen up, jackass, I saw the muthafucka in a porno, the thang still worked, it looked like a chewed-up frank, but that little muthafucka be workin' that muthafucka. It's mangly, but he be fuckin' the bitch all kind of ways with a twisted dick.

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