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Benny & Joon (1993)

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Revealing mistake: During the opening credits, it is obvious that the train is just a model during the initial close up shots.

William Bergquist
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Suggested correction: There is nothing in the opening shots that betray it as a model shot. Logic alone argues against it. Why would they go to the expense of building a detailed model when there is no unusual action or angles required? Especially since many of the shots are obviously not a model. Exactly how is it obviously a model?

I agree it does look like it's a model train, but that's only because of the filming techniques that make it appear to run a little choppier like it's was a light weight model. But it's real, for example in one scene that looks like it's a model, you see a real bird flying on screen.


Visible crew/equipment: When Benny comes home from work and Mrs Smail is about to leave there is a crew member leaving through and closing the backdoor. He has short blond hair, and looks to be thin and a bit on the tall side.

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Suggested correction: That is not a crew member. It is Joon, leaving and slamming the door after her argument with the housekeeper. The fact that we can hear the door slam shows it was not an error.

Continuity mistake: When Benny and Joon are riding in the car to Benny's friend's house, Joon looks up at Sam in the tree. This scene is in slow motion, and we can see Benny's hand turning the wheel sharply to the right to turn into the driveway. There is another shot of Sam in the tree, then the shot of Joon is recycled -- Benny's hand is again moving the steering wheel sharply to the right.

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Joon: Don't underestimate the mentally ill. We know how to count.

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Question: What exactly is wrong with Joon? I don't think they mentioned it in the movie, but does anyone have a good guess?

Answer: I would guess high functioning autistic. Similar to Rainman. Especially her being obsessive compulsive.

William Bergquist
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