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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Joon is in a hospital room trying to decide to stay or go, Benny is swinging outside her window. The exterior shot shows all the windows about only 3 feet apart but the interior shot has only one window on a 12 foot wall. There should be between 2-3 windows in Joon's room.

Correction: Sam is the character that is swinging outside the window, not Benny, who is Joon's brother, who is sitting with her and the doctor during the scene.

Corrected entry: In the scene with Joon and Sam on the bus, before she starts freaking out, Sam doesn't have his arm around her, but when it switches to him asking her if she's ok, his arm is around her without showing him putting it there.

Correction: you actually do see him put his arm around her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam is writing Benny and Joon's names down, he writes with his right hand. In all other scenes in which he is writing, he writes with his left.


Correction: When Sam goes to apply for a job in a video rental store, he starts to fill it in right-handed, then swaps the pencil to his left hand. He is to all intents and purposes unable to read or write. When my sister was a child and first learning to write, she thought she had to use her right hand because everybody else did, but she's naturally left-handed. Sam is very child-like and may have the same problem. My sister is now 28 and writes with her right hand, but does everything else left-handed.

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When Sam is making grilled cheese sandwiches with the ironing board and iron, he finishes one sandwich and places it on top of another on the side table. After Joon's explanation of cheese and culture the camera cuts back to Sam placing another finished sandwich on the side table on the same place that he placed the first but there is only one sandwich there where there should be two.