Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Guile, E. Honda, Ryu fight M. Bison (Vega if watching the Japanese audio track). Ken who under M. Bison's control fights Ryu. Balrog attacks E. Honda, and Guile fight Bison. Bison gets the best of Guile and knocks him off a cliff. E. Honda and Balrog go off the cliff as well. Ryu is able to break Ken from Bison's control during their fight. Ken and Ryu fight Bison and defeat him, along with destorying his VTOL. The Interpol and US forces, attach the Shadowlaw HQ. Guile rushes to the hospital when Chun-Li is, only to see her covered up. Guile tells Chun-Li that he avenged her, and then chun-Li comes out from under the covers alive, and shows a paper that says that Shadowlaw was destroyed. Ryu and Ken go their seperate ways saying that their fight will come.


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